Misplaced decimal place on Celestial Death Ray hull damage!?


Found something interesting just now. A Schillae Death Ray that's just as OP as most celestial death rays
1253 accuracy
431 hull damage
178 shield damage
7 second recharge time
68 accuracy
(upgrades: 1x shield damage, 1x hull damage, 2x range)

I haven't run into many Schillae ships using death rays though.

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Think there is no need to nerf weapons,its just enough to rebalance priority of race's weapons:wanderers - mostly rockets types of weapons,trolgars - flack cannons and etc.,shillae - photon torpedoes,tractor beams and etc.,celstials - death rays and other energy types(but not plasma) and for "unknown" race leave plasma and also energy weapons(they will become most difficult to destroy).For celestials - no more than 1 death ray per ship,for unknown - no more than 2 Plasma per ship.This will be much better,IMO.


He he, I have found many death rays with 1500r, 600h, 800s at 6.5sec.
They do get quite deadly on higher maps. Maybe I'll screenshot one.

I also found a flak with 1000r, 130h, 90s at 5sec with 100acc and triple burst.
I wish I were joking.


I found a Human death ray that I bought off an allied ship that was pretty strong. Approx values below.

1100 native range.
400 hull damage
250 shield damage
7 recharge, whatever accuracy.

So it is not just a racial thing, but that death rays (and megaplasma) have HUGE possible deltas in values. I think thats part of the issue.
If a death ray was 1000 range, 200 shield, 150 hull, 6 sec charge... AND variability was only 50% this would be fine.

Its the variability that makes it tough...and the fact that Celestial ships are loaded to the teeth with death rays...they are literally commonplace. Thats really the issue.


I find this thread very interesting because this hasn't been my experience through a frankly shameful quantity of gameplay. I have beaten the game numerous times on hard (I'm a level 94) and rarely have trouble with Celestials. Yes, the Celestials I face have death rays. Perhaps this is because I tend to load my ships up with maxed-out shield boosters, that end up increasing the total "health" of my ships 2-3 times.

I actually have the most trouble against Wanderers, believe it or not.

In my mind, from hardest to easiest, here is the racial breakdown:
*Trolgar / Celestial


I think the weapons are racially biased, I only get stupidly overpowered weapons off the corresponding race... Death rays and ions off celestials, flak and projectile cannons off trollgars ect.
The unknowns are such a pleasure to fight as the seem to pack vulcans and stuff, don't think I've ever lost to them.


Since the update the Unknowns seem to be using Death Rays a lot more. On my last run through on normal difficulty the Unknown battlestations in the last systems all had at least one death ray, as did the ship that was in there with them. My fully tooled up fleet melted very quickly.


We nerfed the Death Ray, but didn't change anything about frequency Smile


Well, even with the nerf I can confirm that it still hurts a lot Tongue


@Peely. Yeah Smile Hopefully it is a little bit less op now though.

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