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Hi Phasma Felis!

Yes you are right, the game is not completely polished in that way. It's hard to see the game through a new set of eyes once you have stared at it for months.

I can give you some pointers.

  1. Gatling is the best short range weapon. It is best to use gatling whenever you can afford it.
    Especially in episode 2 the key is to build up many Gatling guns as fast as possible, and continue on to missiles and plasmas from there. It is a really tough episode to beat.
    Plasma is very good for large ships, and awesome in general.
    Missile is also good in general.
    I would not invest in Orb weapons.
    Hangars and Fighters are awesome.
    In general the combination of Gatling guns, Plasmas/Missiles and hangars should give you a good chance to beat any episode

Keep on rocking!


One thing I have wondered: are weapons/shield upgrades for reinforcement ships too or only the battlestation?


Just want to say gongratz on making it greenlighted! Any info when greenlighting process is complete btw? Keep up the good work!
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