DevBlog #0 - Space Haven - A new game by Bugbyte!


Kinda reminds me of star command in the play stors but with you having to build the ship. Pretty darn cool and looking forward to it. Well watching people playing it anyway... PC or handheld?


PC and all mobile devices we can get the game to run and play well on, we'll announce the requirements later.


(10-09-2016, 07:22 AM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: PC and all mobile devices we can get the game to run and play well on, we'll announce the requirements later.

All right thanks. Glad you all are keeping up with the phones and not just saying that EVERYTHING is for PC.


Yes, but no promises at this point. We will try, that we promise.


Oh wow! I cannot wait untill this is out!


Is this game going to be something like battleship battles in real life? they sit by each other and fire guns, repair damages, put out fire etc? what is the main goal to this game?


@Sunburn22. Not quite sure yet, we are going to test and see what is possible. There are some problems to be solved regarding the battle, one is about the distance. If there is a bit of distance the player would have to scroll back and forth between his own ships and the enemy ship.

Let's see how it turns out once we tackle battle!

The main goal is to survive with your crew and find a new suitable planet to live on.


Is there any sort of date or info on the game's beta or release date. ANYTHING I'M DIEING I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME!!! Exclamation


No, not even we can know yet. Smile It's very hard to predict when the game is going to be in a shape to play, it's like building a very big house. Problems are going to arise and we have to solve them, predicting how much time all of it will take is hard.

Stay tuned, we will keep you informed of the progress!



I downloaded Battlevoid: Harbinger today and I saw that you were making a new game. Harbinger was well produced but the gameplay seems mediocre (specifically the tactical aspect). It was only $2 on sale and I got my money's worth, but I think the game could have been more interesting.

Anyway, if I could offer one piece of advice, it would be to open up alpha/beta testing as early as possible to a group of people who are dedicated to beating the game by using any strategy that the game makes legal. I've played a lot of indie games and I've seen so many of them that have been constructed adequately but either have uninteresting game play or where the best way to win is to repeatedly perform some tedious task that gradually allows the player to accumulate power or that the AI cannot handle.

I'll be looking forward to Space Haven!

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