DevBlog #3 - New name and setting new course!

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[Image: MSgYSOg.jpg]

Space Haven, the new upcoming game from Bugbyte!

The story of the game is that families and groups have to flee Earth, as it is no longer capable of sustaining life. So they flee with space ships and start building a colony on these space ships, many space ships working together to create a working ecosystem for humans to live. We are talking building crops of potatoes and harvesting them, recycling manure from humans, creating the necessary structures to support life. They go with the hope that one day they will find a new Earth, a habitable planet. So, the game is about a last safe haven for humans, in space. Naturally, we will call it Space Haven Smile

What you see above is a game starting to take shape, straight from our programmers test screen! We have been hard at work implementing building features as well as mining from asteroids. Still a long way to go but now that we can see how it is shaping up it's very exciting.

Another gif showing how we are playing around with some lighting effects. We have thought about having the mining pods scan for different resources above the asteroids, and then mining whatever they can find.

A couple of screenshots:

[Image: QdcyW2p.jpg]
[Image: vv84hv8.jpg]

So, it took us some time to get a more clear picture of what we are going to do. We had discussions for months, I'm not lying! We discussed day in and day out trying to figure out what the hell we want to do. Our challenge was to find a game that we think can help us make games in the future and something we are passionate about and want to make as well.

I have to say that I'm really happy with the game idea we have now, although it is going to be a big challenge to pull it off. We are essentially going to make a game mix mashed from titles like Space Base df9, Banished and Rimworld. Additionally our goal is to get it working on both PC and mobile. At this point though it's safe to say that old mobile devices will be impossible to support, the device has to have some screen real estate and be powerful enough to run this game. We will, however, do our absolute best to support as wide of a range of mobile devices as possible.

I'm really liking how this game is starting to look, even if I say it myself! Smile Be sure to join our community below if you haven't done so already. And let us know what you think and if you dream up some ideas for this game, we would like to hear them below in comments!

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Wow can't wait


It's Fantastic!


Sound promising :3


It Can't Wait to Play it. Is There a Scheduled Release Date Yet?


Looks like Spacebase DF-9, which isnt bad, just hope you guys keep up the work on it. The devs for Spacebase-DF9 made it then ditched it.


Wooo yea! u got a goal, now u just need to reach it.... keep up the good work


oh boy cant wait !!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!


Scheduled release date: "When it is ready" for now Smile Stay tuned!


Nice one, looking good! Keep up the good work!

What happened to the space station game that was coming to PC btw? Was it scrapped completely? I so much wanted that to become reality Sad
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