DevBlog #5 - Explaining the vision of Space Haven.


(10-06-2016, 01:52 AM)fireredbull Wrote: Hi admin i have share Space Haven to my facebook group (Space Game Club). also will be happu if you would allow me to share my link here. I believe we are marching to an golden ara where there will be more good space game like this for space game lovers! thank you, cant wait!

Hmm... Perhaps better if we keep the content here. Feel free to share this anywhere though!


looking amazing y'all and I'm loving the bugbyte signature graphics too! will make me feel right at home Smile thanks for sharing your development process with us and keep up the phenomenal work!


do you guys plan to release on steam? early excess maybe?


That might be! We will surely announce how we approach this and when testing will be available.

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