DevBlog #10 - A story from the Space Haven world


Looking good!

The electricity system looks particularly interesting. If a distribution block in the network breaks down or is damaged will that potentially interrupt the supply of electricity to everything beyond that point, or will it just affect the things connected to that distribution block?


Veneke. Yeah, the supply will be broken completely if there is no other line!


Looking good, liking the whole Xcom in space feel.
Any word yet on the beta or public test, itching to give it a good hammering Big Grin


Very nice so far. Looks very neat.
I'm a beta tester in Battlevoid Harbinger, am I also signed up for alpha/beta-testing Space Haven as well?
Thanks for response. Smile

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@Goremanslizer. Yes, it is enough to be subscribed to any of our channels. The newsletter, the forums, or have a cloud account. Basically, if you are getting mails from us then you are part of it Smile

We will have to see when and how we do some testing. It is still a bit ways off! I'll put the subscribe here below again:

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:

----> Join the forums as a member <----


The game has that something that draws you in and makes you want to play. The colors are perfect for this vehicle. I look forward to playing it very much.
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Really like what I'm seeing.
Give me decent story depth and interesting game mechanics with engaging graphics, and I would pay for that.


(02-10-2017, 07:20 AM)Dgage652 Wrote: The game looks good. Can't wait to play it

Lookin great! Keep it up


Yah. I fixed something! You unfortunately left early me behind. How could you? *heart breaks* (my name is Jalen BTW, that's why I said that.)

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