DevBlog #10 - A story from the Space Haven world

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[Image: Rvy8vnx.jpg]
It was a particularly calm evening. We had traveled long and far, into unknown territories. I stood in front of the window looking out into the space. Gregory was sleeping and Leonora was just done peeing in the engine room toilet.
[Image: V7jF3se.jpg]
Our scanners suddenly spotted an unknown vessel right in front of us. We tried to hail but to no avail. We were running low on food and precious metals, this vessel could give us what we needed to survive. I made the decision, we would head out and explore the ship.
[Image: vsirfX8.jpg]
I gathered my crew and we prepared the transport pod. There was tension in the air, what would be waiting for us at the other ship? Would the ship be intact with oxygen and other gas levels in check? There was no time hesitate.
[Image: jtQQ9qo.jpg]
We arrived. We checked the gas levels immediately upon arriving and found them to be in order. There was a damp smell in the air, however. We took careful steps with all the confidence we could muster, opening each door ready to defend ourselves.
[Image: 4Qn4ssC.jpg]
All clear! No threat this time. The core of the ship was a bit damaged though. Luckily Jalen managed to fix it, we could essentially take this ship with us now!
[Image: BTkTvQV.jpg]
We decided to leave it behind though. The ship would need many crew members to operate and we just don't have enough to space. We left Jalen behind to carry all the disposable resources to our transport pod. We had to make many trips to get everything with us.
[Image: ux2l5QP.jpg]
Birds eye view of us transporting resources to our main ship.
[Image: 2x1B5TC.jpg]
Before leaving for another sector, we noticed some odd readings regarding our hull. We decided to head out in space suits and investigate.
[Image: kvdUUvr.jpg]
The hull looks intact Gregory, but I have a terrible itch down there. Yeah, you know where. I'm unable to scratch it. I'm dying here, can we go back inside?
[Image: dqJtS1D.jpg]
As a bonus picture, here is our electricity system. Electricity is distributed to the whole ship using electricity nodes, transferring electricity from the ship core. Welcome to Space Haven, the PC and mobile game inspired by such greats like Rimworld, FTL and the original X-COM.

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Uploaded some short clips of game play here:

Might take a little while to load those gfycats!


this looks like my kind of game. Smile Looking forward to play it!


Oooooohhhhhh damn! Looking good, y'all! Can't wait to see more!


I registered to forums just to say LOOKING GREAT!! This concept can be a winning concept, please keep up the good work!!


Appreciate all the encouraging comments! Been getting a lot of positives to our mail as well. Thank you!


You are using a big words when you say Rimworld, FTL and X-COM. Im excited^^


The fact that ship hull changed colour twice throughout this story gives me hope for cloaking abilities in the released game!

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This game looks so awesome, I can't await to play it!


The game looks good. Can't wait to play it

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