DevBlog #11 - Three gfycats to show you game play!

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Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:



Looking good! I can't wait to play!


So excited for this! Keep up the good work. Big Grin


This looks pretty impressive. Keep up the good work, you definitely have my interest piqued enough to be a day-1 purchaser!


Made an account just to express how excited I am for this game. I absolutely love Harbinger and this is shaping up to look like another gem.  Keep up the good work!


Wohoo, that looks interesting.


Space Haven looks a bit like Habitat, It was wise not to mention that game along with titles like Rimworld and FTL. But, Habitat was not all bad, it had potential and if you can fill that potential and more then all the better.

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Looking amazing guys! Interface is looking really good. Dig the character stats, as well as the environmental views. Keep it up!


Looking great. Played Battlestation long ago and loved it. Seems like this one will also be just to my taste!


Nice looking also reminds one of the DS9 styles but xcom classic really comes to mind a bit.
Good start, and keep up good work. Been following the progress time to time now.


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