Announcing new Battlevoid game! Battlevoid: Sector Siege.


Looking good! Can't wait to try this one Big Grin As always, keep up the amazing work <3


This looks great,can't wait to play,this looks like the battle system fun I'm looking forSmile


The moment I saw this in my email I was literally screaming because I love harbinger to death! (I still play it haha) Keep it up!


I like what I see! Smile
*thumps up*



Nice reading.. i was a fan of your last battlevoid game, and also was a beta tester.
Great game, played it dozen of hours.
It would be an honor to test the new games again Smile


OK, this just looks AWESOME. You guys have to finish this ASAP, I want to play it so bad. Thanks for all the awesome work!


Looks awesome! Can't wait to start playing it. Here's hoping for a beta key ?


I don't know how I got battlevoid but I played it over and over again for months. A newer bigger and better version? I am up for BETA testing and or buying it. Please do keep my email spammed with progress!


This is awesome work! Can't wait to get this on my iPad. I haven't been playing any good games for a while. Smile


Wow what a surprise!

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