New screenshots from Battlevoid: Sector Siege!

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[Image: 1s1hUyn.jpg]
A fleet of 5. You can command up to 12 or so ships in the game.

[Image: U43NR8u.jpg]
The crew selection screen. Your crew composition will affect various statistics in the game, like build rate, research, resource gathering and marine attack and defense.

[Image: STzgC1O.jpg]
A Trolgar mothership entering the zone.

[Image: VDl4gQp.jpg]
The build window for the Battlestation.

[Image: rsLdbbU.jpg]
Boarding a Guardian Light assault ship. Victory! This ship will be ours.

[Image: 5dPGPgT.jpg]
The reinforcement window, plenty of ship designs to choose from. Each ship can be customized with point defense turrets, main turrets and hangars.

[Image: H9Dfu4o.jpg]
Trolgars surrounding human fleet.

[Image: bdtlskf.jpg]
The build window for a human ship.

[Image: nQosj83.jpg]
Celestials defending their mine against Wanderer attack.

[Image: 9EpOUt6.jpg]
The research window. The game currently has over 10 tech trees, consisting of stat bonuses, new turrets and hangars, as well as new units.

[Image: iT3fzLd.jpg]
Celestials defending against a Trolgar attack

[Image: xVFWR1U.jpg]
The Celestial Battlestation showing who's boss!

[Image: aQi0yKm.jpg]
Human Battlestation can't withstand a Trolgar attack.


ANSWER: It won't be too long now. We will announce a release date immediately when we know!

We hope you like what you see and feel free to leave any comments or questions!

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This is looking sweet....!. I'm excited for bigger fleets

Q: what is the Green bar above the hull and shield bars?



It is the marine amount the ship has left in percentage. Let's just say it's very important to know that in the game! Enemy races try to board your ships just as much as you try to capture theirs!

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Oh that's a good thing to know........ I was thinking like some sort of speed boost or something as my best guess....... I'm glad it is this easy to read.......

Q is the release date fairly close? Or are you guys still adding and tweaking features?

Ok just saw the bottom of the post.... Whoops


We're trying to put it together for a release as fast as we can! Just need to be happy with how it is performing and also content wise. Will announce release date soon.


Awesome to hear....... Well just know that if it turns as well as the screenshots show you have at least 1 guaranteed purchase


(08-10-2017, 04:39 PM)Clap Wrote: Awesome to hear....... Well just know that if it turns as well as the screenshots show you have at least 1 guaranteed purchase

Make that 2


2 already! Can we have a 3! Anybody? This is exciting.


3! 3 guaranteed purchases! Ah ah ah ahhhh.

Looking great guys! I was so addicted to Battlevoid Harbinger that I can't wait to get my hands on this new one!


That's 3! Wooah. Haha, can we get 4? One time. Glad to have you with us guys Smile

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