New screenshots from Battlevoid: Sector Siege!



I'll be buying it come rain, shine or meteorsĀ  Smile


That's #9. If we can get it to #10 it means it's raining men! Oh no wait...


10 right here

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+1, hurray!!

Oh if there is an option to disable the teleport flash in the new game it would absolutely make my day Big Grin.

Even without that, I can live with my usual tricks... Tongue

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Is the release a full release or a Beta? Either way... I seriously need this right now. I still play Harbinger all the time and any other game doesnt seem to grab me. But the depth from just these screenshots... I have never craved anything this badly. Smile And also, obviously buying this game as soon as i can get my hands on it. And probably not getting much sleep the same night. Smile

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how much will the game cost?

and when can we pre-order?


Does it has roguelike element like Harbringer or replayability like Harbringer ? If so, count me in as #12 :3


(08-10-2017, 06:12 PM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: That's 3! Wooah. Haha, can we get 4? One time. Glad to have you with us guys Smile
As long as its not too pricey than count me in.


kind like mix the first contact and Harbinger


Is there any price range known yet? How much is the game going to cost?

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