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(10-27-2017, 10:09 PM)Sayanel Wrote: Hi,

I'm french, so my english is not perfect at all but i ll try to be as clear as i can.
First of all i play harbinger and buy it on PC and smartphone finish it, i loved that game and i spend a lot of time it have some limit but anyways that's not the subject, just to say that i did not post any message but i follow you since a long time ...
I was really excited when i bough Sector siege when it cames out but now after more than 3 hours of playing i m quite disapointed ...

Why ?
There are several reasons ...

The first is the feeling about it, i always have the impression to restart everything again and again, u can answer me "it s a rogue like dude ..." well yes i understand what it is but every time u have to ugrade restart generally the same strategy 'according against who you are). By strategy i mean do the same first ship the same set up and go.
About the tech tree, well like strategy generally you do always the same thing (according if u are on defense or on attack),but there is one big problem for me here, even you unlocked a "package" weapons drone etc ... u have to research it in the tech tree again, so you lose time at doing and you are always stuck in early game with the same set up, even you unlocked a lot of option.
As for me the objective is to create diversity is strategy and that's the not the case in early game so it gets boring.

Moreover, i saw that reparation cost, Ugrade points !!! what ? i just dont understand, about the reparation i dont understand why the cost is so high sometime i pay nearly the cost of the cost the ship, i try to repair infight and outfight it s the same amount, that's strange.

About the ugrade tree well it has the same problem than the tech tree and the early gameplay u are always doing the same thing u adapt a bit but generally it's still the same.

To conclude about the game it give the impression of having a lot of potential about the star map for exemple.
Here is a few thing i though about :
- what about move the tech and/or ugrade tree in the map and every ugrade u made are definitive, for this campaign of course ?
- Personnaly i always play in X2 more challenge the game is to slow in normal in my point of view what about define a defaut speed in options ?
- Why should we begin in center, why about beginning in the side of the map and each race fight each other ?
- What about define different objective to win especially in attack rather than always attack the space station ? for exemple the first at controlling 3 of the fight asteroid win the round, it ll make battle shorter it could be cool sometime and create variety, or the first at losing the first ship lose the round.
- About the marine what about a natural regeneration / or when u go back to the space section it give you new recruit ? Board is quite fun but really risky once u have board a ship u fleet can be really vulnerable to the enemy board i lost one time my entire fleet cause of low crew. so i prefer dont board and invest some point in marine to avoid that.

There is a lot of things that i like in this game for exemple the the engeener scienstist etc system it's really adaptable and u do it one time at the beginning of each battle, that is ok, but for the rest in my point of view is not.

Quite tired of the game after only 3 hours =/ i ll continue to play until the next udapte because u are a litlle studio u need time no worries bu tplease do something.
Sorry guy i insist a lot on negative point, but i think we progress really fast by taking them in consideration.
Sorry for my english i hope you understood what i say =)

Best regards,
cpt Norman =)
You do bring up some very interesting points and yes it does get a bit repetitive after a time don't even affect you have to constantly upgrading and stuff and sometime it does drive me a little crazy as well but I have some of the great ideas that you have about keeping some of your upgrade in the campaign or part of some of your upgrades I know they're a small studio and I supported them battlevoid but I know that they are looking for suggest only they can approve the game and you did

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