DevBlog #16 - Christmas greetings! New screenshots and footage 2.






What with the bumps and bonks? I have seen it in other forum too. Is this a Discord thing?


Hehe, no. Just started blasting out some more marketing of the game. Wanted these newer threads to be on top so that is why I bumped them up. That way when a new player comes in the first thing he sees is not the very first post made 2 years ago Smile


Do y’all have an idea of a release date yet?


What is the ship appear in Space Haven artwork? And where do you took inspiration to design it?



Not yet. We're working hard to make the game feel fun and enticing, and knowing when it's going to be at that point is hard. We just have to make decisions, implement features and then see how it's shaping up by testing. This process takes time and then at some point there will be that "This is ready to go to players".


All ships presented so far have been built by us in the game! So it's just something one of us whipped up and decided to build in the game. That's part of the fun for sure, you can make your very own spaceship look like anything you want.

I will make an update soon and show new stuff!


P/s : The warp seems similar to SBY 2199's warp and I like that

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