DevBlog #16 - Christmas greetings! New screenshots and footage 2.


Dude this is awesome!


Can't wait for a playtesting version!looks so nice


was playing sector siege on my phone today...get an email,checked it and see it was by bugbyte. about a game called space haven. i thought: what the hell is space haven? clicked on the link. readed the entire post... WTF WHY DO I GET MESSAGE OF THIS GAME TODAY? WHY THE **** DID NO ONE TOLD ME OF THIS???? seriously looks great! played star command on my phone this looks a bit like it but... MUUUUUUUUUCH BETTER!!!! keep up the work will buy at all cost! Smile


This looks amazing! I've been looking for a more in depth FTL for months and this seems to fit. Are there any "away team" type missions? Something where you put a small team together and go down to planets or other ships? I'm loving what i am seeing but this would be a fun way to shake up the games. Like FTL has the encounters that can go in your favor or hurt you, but in this game not just have it be a flip of the coin. The team you assemble and your skill executing the mission could lead to positive or negative out comes. More like Caravans in Rimworld. You have my money no matter what but i would love to get off the ship and stretch my legs once and a while.


I've been watching Haven for a while, discovered it when I was looking for a game where you can have a ship and crew and sandbox. The fact that you're going for Rimworld in Space is encouraging. However I hope you go beyond that. It was mentioned in the forums before as a possiblity and I was curious if it's still on the table. Will you be able to capture ships and have more then one ship, such as a small fleet.

Also is there a possiblity of player managed Space Stations? Either to be made/constructed by the player, or captured. Not to mention the opportunity to raid space stations. Is randomly generated planetary stuff a possibility?

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merry christmas bugbyte team! i have a question: will the game be roughlike? if so, will it be like battlevoid harbinger were its wanted that the player dies after about an hour playtime and can retry then? also will enemys react on your power, so like: you have a small ship then an enemy is trying to raid you, or if you have a more powerful ship or crew they will try to avoid you? bugbyte is one of the last true game dev studios that real understand what games are for: fun! and at last but not least: DO YOU LIKE TRAINS? Smile


Im gonna love this game. Im hoping it wont get overlooked when it comes out.


I like the animation on the mining pods! Good workin'!


Im so Hyped for this game Smile
You will make Videogames great again! XD


Дуже яскраво! Можливо це гра мрiя?

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