Battlestation: Harbinger new June screenshots


That's awesome James! Very cool to see fans waiting for the game. We've got some big announcement coming soon, stay tuned!


Curious which platforms you guys are targeting.
Hope to are hitting the big 3 plus desktop and not just 1 or 2.

With all the win 10 uwp news, would also love to see this on Xbox :-D


This game comes out August 13th 2015 on Android and iOS. Woops did I just leak that, yeah I did! Smile It's official. We will announce this great news soon but you heard it here first.

As for the platforms, we will release on Android and iOS first. We will definitely look into other platforms as well, whatever we can get it working on we will look into.

Glad to have you with us commander simondarksidej!


August 13th 2015. In my calendar signed as "the great day".


I have been on trip in Split, Croatia. Now i am back home. What a good feeling.

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