DevBlog #18 - Space Haven has a home page! And some very cool gifs you want to see.



Haha. Well, it would be pretty hard to fake all the stuff we have been showing. Additionally, we have already developed and released many games before we started on Space Haven. It's 6 years now since we started, and our current team has been together for 5 years unchanged. Safe to say we have progressed in many ways during this time, one would hope at least! Smile

The game is real!


Not to sound like a troll, but they did fake a mall opening. I mainly wanted to comment not to say that you ARE faking but all of the hyping of the updates, seems a little premature, without something tangible for people to toy around with. Understandably, you seem very proud of what you have done but I wonder if putting the site up this far ahead of even an alpha release will cause the interest to peak long before you are ready. People are fickle creatures with short attention spans ( myself very much included ). I’m sure that this discussion has floated around your camp more than a few times but I thought it was worth mentioning ,if nothing else, so someone over there can have an “I told you so” moment.

Best of luck with your endeavours.


Thanks! We just wanted to be transparent with the game and started posting progress updates very early on. I don't know when or how you found us, but if it was recently it means what we are doing works Smile Now you know about us, that's incredibly hard in today's age and it's important to start early to try to gather a community. Thanks for being with us!


Didn't know you could survive 6 years eating butter bread...


[Image: 4bx1FcS.gif] [Image: Cqop3SL.gif]

Here you show us two different ways of docking mining pods to a ship (very nice animations btw. they remind me and old Fragile Allegiance game) Smile

What is the difference between hull-docking and docking inside the hangar?
I imagine hangar is an advanced mid-game building, but does it offer more possibilities?
Maybe mining pods must be repaired from time to time, and that can be done only in the hangar (or also in space, but that takes extra time and resources)?


Well, this is a great opportunity to give you a glimpse into what we have to deal with when designing this game.

When we created the air docks to the sides of the hull we ran into a big problem. When a mining pod or other vessel docks it blocks all other pods or vessels also wanting to dock there.
When having many mining pods and shuffling resources back and forth this quickly becomes a problem. Other pods have to wait until the first one is done, and what if the character piloting
the first one goes to sleep while leaving the pod in the air dock? Heh!

This is why we invented a system where every pod and vessel has a kind of a "home hangar", those are the inside hangars. Now the pods and vessels only stay for a minimum amount of time needed docked
to the hull dock, and then returns to the home hangar once they are done. This helps to alleviate the blocking problem quite a bit. Also, we thought it would be better if the pods have to be docked to their home
hangar when the ship jumps into hyper space.

We don't currently have repairing of pods but that wouldn't be too hard to implement!


Sounds great!
Will I be able to buy the game on GOG ?

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" or other vessels "
*Ominous sounds of Lightsabers cutting through an Airlock Door intensify*


@Arturius. We will definitely send it to GoG for review and hope they accept it as they did with Harbinger.

@DeltaFire. Yep! Boarding party incoming.


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