Battlevoid: Harbinger BUG REPORTING

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After updating to the latest version, I get this Java exception upon clicking "Play Game" at the main menu:

Thread[LWJGL Application,6,main]

Strangely, this occurs only on my Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 but not my Windows 10 desktop. Both are 64-bit, runs Intel graphics, and have same version of Java (JRE and JDK) installed (u101).

Next, I went directly to Battlevoid: Harbinger's install directory in Steam and ran the harbinger.jar file directly, and found that it would work. But, if I ran the harbinger.exe instead, the above exception would occur. Seems like something went wrong with the executable?

Edit: Even though the game could be played by launching harbinger.jar, the save file isn't loaded. Hence, this could be a case of save file corruption? However, seeing that the game did not throw exception this way on the desktop despite sharing the same save file, I assume something else is the cause.

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