DevBlog #20 - Characters filled with character! And some other cool stuff.


I have a new idea for the energy system:
-The generators determine the max energy level of the ship's energy (e.g. eight: five from a good generator and three from another). If the energy-level is not at the maximum, each generator produce one energy (or the better generators a bit more). So in the previous instance (if the better generator produces two energy) the ship need three 'turn' to maximise their energy-level (three energy per turn).
-The shields consume energy equal to their shield-level. In this way, when the ship get a hit, the hull doesn't be damaged, but the shield-level decrease one, also the ship energy-level. (In the previous instance it is three.)
-The player can redirect as much energy per 'turn' as much energy can be produced in one 'turn'.
-The turrets also consume energy, but the player can use it, when it is full powerd. By the use all its energy transform to the velocity of the projectile, and in case of energy projectile (e.g. laser) it transform to the energy of the projectile, too. (So in the previous instance a super-cannon consume e.g. five energy, so it cost two 'turn' to power it, because the player can only redirect just three. But if the ship has five common turrets (each consume one energy), the player can use only three each turn.)
-The FTL drive act like the turret-system. If in the previous instance the ship owns a simply FTL drive, wich consume eight energy to jump, the player must stand three turn to jump, and must redirect the energy from the shields, so the ship will be more vulnerable. But the better FTL drives consume much less energy to jump.

Obviously its not a turn based game, thus a 'turn' will mean a duration of time (e.g. two seconds). And obviously you can give much more energy to the ships and their parts than in my instance. E.g I want to power up my super-cannon, and its cost half minute. But meanwhile I can shoot by two common turrets every two seconds.

What are your opinions? Smile

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