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From a fine Commander elsewhere:

Hi finally i finished the normal stage(lol)
Today i will report about some bug.
1.item for quest disappear. It shows that map has supply for delivery but i see nothing and finally i fail that mission
2.item divided problem. Ex. I have 4 signal + 2 signal. I want to be 5 + 1 but it cannt

Here is my feedback
1.teleport should has more distance(it will be useless if it has too short distance)
2.Crew ability
3.Special ingredient to make weapon or buy.
4.Alive planet

1.sonic wave
2.emp wave
3.spacemine turret
5.hack bot capture
8.torpedo(slow but silent ,hard to detect)

1.crew tranfer + ship capture
2.Special event like miniboss etc.

I would love to see individual ship models to have effectiveness factors e.g. on point-defence, shield variables, main batteries according their type, fighter/drone type, etc.

Currently it only makes sense choosing the heaviest of the available ships. Or essentially only heavy carriers because even the "capital ship" is kind of useless with it's high armor repair cost and no fighters.

Having ships with more individual roles, would in my opinion add to replayability value, when you would have more diverse (yet still effective) options to arm your fleet. Especially when playing on hard difficulty I feel currently only "Valiants" are usable.

Some ideas for ship specializations:
-Support: Improved repair and recharge system effectiveness.
-Point-defence: Improved point-defence effectiveness.
-Missile: Improved missile bomber and missile battery performance.
-Artillery: Improved projectile cannon ROF and/or range.
-Plasma: Improved ROF and/or accuracy for light plasma weapons.
-Armored: Armor negates n-amount of received projectile damage.
-Shielded: Shields negate n-percentage of received shield damage.
-Light: Maneuverable, small change to dodge large projectiles (simple pass through?)

Then finally my list of grievances:
1. Teleport is obligatory in the end game.
2. All ships are super slow -> no point on using light ships.
3. Only high range (800+) weapons are effective/safe to use in the game.

I would like this to be added if possible:

• Buyable slots for more ships

• New Massive Ships

• More Fighter/Bomber/Drones

• Multiplayer feature
--» LAN Games even without internet like minecraft
--» Online Game with other commanders on endless mode
--» Chat (of course ?)

• Skills:
 --» Spawn Reinforcement
--» Bombardment
--» Sector Saturation
--» Strike
--» Code Red (All Missiles will be shot)
--» Emergency Shield

• Skill points

• Enemy Skills

• More missions:
--» Group Raid
--» Rescue Mission
--» Front Line Battles
--» Recapturing a Sector
--» Ship Recovery
--» Traitors (Kill an ally looking ship)

• Boarding Ships

• Marines

• Enemy Boarding Ships

• Captured Ships (Like BS:FC)

• Allied Hijacked Ship

Hi everyone. I want to see this features in game:
- crew management like in battlestation first contact - if you add more people to manage weapons, firerate will be increased, if you have carrier, you can add people to manage hangars...
- better weapons firerate - you can make weapons more interesting by remaking their firerate (2.0 >>> 1.8, 6 >>> 6.15, and more) and damage
- better upgrading - everyone upgrade will need a time/turns to be completed (for example upgrading projectile cannon reload will need 2 turns to be completed)
- better Levels - everyone level you get you will also get a skill point, with skill points you can upgrade:
  - scrap recycling ( +1% scrap from sold weapons)
  - greeny recycler ( +1% upgrade points from sold weapons)
  - energized ( +1% ship speed)
  - immortal ( +1% life)
  - juggernaut ( +1% shields)
  - war machine ( +1% damage)
  - skilled commander ( +1% xp gain)
  - overlocked ( +1% fire rate)
- Multiplayer - please add multiplayer this will make this game really AWESOME 
Heart I like battlestation a lot and i want to see this features in game. Heart

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I know for the most part updates are going to stop coming, but if possible, I'd like to see 2 more things added... 1. A Super Carrier. 2. A Dreadnaught.

Super Carrier- Largest ship in the game, 6-8 hangars, 1500 health, and 2000 shields, to compensate, it is the slowest ship in the game, and can basically only move by warp. Also No main weapon hard points, and few secondary weapon hard points, relies entirely on Fighters/Bombers, and escort ships.

Dreadnaught- Second largest and 2nd Slowest ship in the game(only slightly faster then super carrier), Is a large doom battleship, with 7 main weapon hard points, and is covered in secondary weapon hard points. Has 2500 health, and 1500 shields.(and to be clear, no hangars)

Also, sense this game is going dead soon/already is, could you make all ships available as escort ships once you beat the game on hard?( also only way to get dreadnought or super carrier)

Also, could we have more ship slots either unlocked, or unlockable with scrap?

If you could do ANY of those things then I thank you! Also, good luck with the new game, I'm sure it will be great.

Hi Battle Fleet Omega!

We will update the game next week at the latest with 1 new playable human ship and 5 playable alien ships. We also added some 3 ships to reinforcements. This update was made in unison with having to change the name of the game due to trademark issues. A game being "dead" means it is not getting many new players, or at all. Harbinger is going towards this, but still hanging on a little.

This is the life cycle for every game out there, but some games stick longer than others on the top selling lists of stores getting steady visibility. It's all about the visibility. As game developers we have to work with this and make decisions based on what our income is. Unfortunately we cannot update Harbinger indefinitely as that would lead us to be without jobs, if the game was selling well all the time we could update it much much more and much much longer.

Hope you enjoy the next upcoming update and stick with us until the new game arrives! Smile

I'll be here, as I'm really looking forward to that new game, the one picture I saw reminds me of a game that(as far as I know) stopped getting updated when it was in an unfinished state, you could play through its story in less then an hour depending on how you played it.

Anyways, looking forward to the new game, Good Luck with it, and hope you don't run into too many problems

That commanders idea is really cool and i think they can be unlocked by levels.

My ideas:

New slots:

Armor slot
Each ship can buy many kinds of armor like uranium, titanium, vanadium armor etc. Each armor type will differently decrease ship's speed.

Shield slot
Ships can have more types of shields such as small, medium, big, ultra, small projectile shield (less damage from projectile weapons) etc.
Thruster slot
These thrusters can make ship be more agile. Thruster types: ion, fusion, thermal, plaema, photon, yamato, goliath, behemoth thruster etc.

Better level system:

This system will be much better because in normal you can onlh level up by battle score and this system:

Each completed mission and destroyed ship/fighter/factory will give you xp.
Level bar can be seen in battle at the top side of the screen.
Weapons, ships, armors, shields, thrusters and fighter will be unlockable by levels.

Why is it still Harbinger on Google Play in beta?

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