Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

Because you are in the beta group and there is a new version in test now Smile

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I don't know if my ideas have been here or not... so here's my ideas :

#1 - Custom built ship, you can start with ship skeleton or standard ship. You can choose specific parts type (armor(hull point), weapon, defense, hangar bay, engine(speed), thruster(turn rate), shield reactor(shield point)) which are upgradeable (it's stat) and add more ship parts around the existed one ((need to build ship skeleton first)ship appearance change, hull point) for your ship and re-enforcement ships.
#2 - Ability to mine astroid for resources and exp with mining droids (it returns to your ship everytime it done mining) and mining turrets.
#3 - Destroyed ship shouldn't completely disappear after the blast.
#4 - Damage receive from a blast can cause damage to nearby ship, fighter, bomber. A blast from a ship can instant destroy fighter and bomber if it close to the center of blast.
#5 - Burst upgrade should make missile, rocket and torpedo fires at once because of the blast from the 1st one that hit the target alway ignite the rest. Change the missile's accurate upgrade into speed upgrade because it make point defense and missile jammer less effective. 
#6 - Laser cannon and death ray should aim the next enemy when the one they aiming is destroyed, not reload again. 
#7 - Secret sector where you can encounter a trader who sell you weapons or a neutral factory of a talented builder where you can upgrade your armor, improve your ship speed and thruster, add more weapon, point defense, hangar bay slot

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Yeah your first 4 ideas are really cool. Best idea is 2nd and then 4th. They are cool.but your first idea will be probably hard to make, because they (i think) will not want to change the ships. Because they are still adding some new ships.

And my ideas:
I see there are many kinds of drones (bolters,laser,repair...), we also need rocket drones or laser fighter, cannon bomber and bomber drone(kamikaze). And it will be cool if you add 1 type of fighter/bomber that will have 2 types of weapons.
It needs more fighters.
When i am buying some weapons for my ship i can see there is small amount of light weapons.
You can add some new weapons like small cannon or small photon cannon.

KiradYeah your first 4 ideas are really cool. Best idea is 2nd and then 4th. They are cool.but your first idea will be probably hard to make, because they (i think) will not want to change the ships. Because they are still adding some new ships. And my ideas: 1. I see there are many kinds of drones (bolters,laser,repair...), we also need rocket drones or laser fighter, cannon bomber and bomber drone(kamikaze). And it will be cool if you add 1 type of fighter/bomber that will have 2 types of weapons.   It needs more fighters.2. When i am buying some weapons for my ship i can see there is small amount of light weapons.You can add some new weapons like small cannon or small photon cannon.

I just reedited #5-7, what do you think about it?

Talking about additional features, I certainly won't mind paying for expansion sets to complement the base game.

But anyway, let's talk about ideas first.

First, my pain points about the game:
  1. Not everything appear as drops, such as the Particle Turrets. This limits their potential as the game scales towards more powerful weapons with more utility in Endless modes.
  2. Some item stats are hard-capped, such as the speed of projectiles and the repair/regen rate of repair/shield beams. These designs are "un-fun" in Endless mode.
  3. In-game explanation and description of items is somewhat limited.
Now, things that I think could be beneficial to the gameplay:
  1. Un-cap the limits. Let it scale according to game difficulty as players progress in Endless mode while sticking to some realistic value for some parameters (e.g. speed of missiles, it shouldn't scale infinitely).
  2. Ship speed is pretty pointless. Perhaps should double the actual speed. The fastest ship still can't dodge like it seem to be designed to.
  3. Allow value-based ship customisation. This can start off on existing ships as the base template, and allow players to modify the hardpoints on the ships. Each hardpoint has a certain point value assigned to it (e.g higher value for the main turrets). The final value will be used in determining the hiring cost and/or the player level required to unlock it. Each modification beyond the original configuration may also affect the ship's stats, such as lower speed or stronger hull. Further adjustments in-game may be possible but would require a lot of resources to modify a hardpoint.
  4. De-couple drone type and its weapons. Select a drone type, then select a weapon. Tiny drone carrying missiles? Yes, faster than bombers but no burst shot and is terribly weak. Large drones carrying repair beams? Yes, can repair faster but slow turning may make it poor at repairing different targets. You get the idea.
  5. Persistent Upgrades. Two ways to do this. a) Base upgrades to ships and its mounts that can be unlocked by spending resources. Each map cleared allows players to unlock a level that must be purchased (e.g. max level 10 at 10th map, starting from level 1 at first map. Player starts with no upgrades, at level 0). Limited resources force players to choose between increasing base stats or bonuses, or acquire more powerful items and reinforcements. Unlocked levels stay through the game until player loses (not tied to ship). b) At the beginning of each map, the player gets to choose an upgrade for free. There are only 3 options versus the numerous stats the player can boost. The options could be determined by random chance, or by the player's past actions, or by the path ahead (e.g. the new map/enemy).
Some items I think would be interesting:
  1. Explosive flak -- Point defense that fires short-range AOE blasts that is effective against missiles, rockets and enemy fighters/drones. Think Freespace 2 or Rebel Galaxy.
  2. Mega-weapons -- Upsized main weapons that occupy all available high-power slots for an appropriately-scaled amount of sheer power. Think Stellar Converter powered by 3, 4 or even 5 power sources, or Twin Buster Rifle, or Satellite Cannon.
  3. Jump inhibitor -- Prevents all ships from leaving the sector until the battle ends. Yes, this includes your ships, unless the ship carrying it is destroyed. Think Interdictor-class Star Destroyers from Star Wars, without the Star Destroyer.
  4. Interceptor-class drones -- Drones that are so fast and agile that it spells death for missiles, rockets and enemy fighters/drones. Its weak armour also mean it's pointless against enemy capital ships and especially lasers.
  5. Torpedoes -- Heavy warheads that can only lock onto capital ships. Deals tremendous amount of damage, but has shorter range than Nukes.
  6. Heavy artillery -- Heavy projectile cannons that can fire over greater distances, slow ROF, fairly accurate, poor rotation, devastating against capital ships and stations.

Hello, Harbinger players and developers!

After my roommate started playing Rebel Galaxy I found the urge to find a quality game in the genre for my tablet and I'm overjoyed that I found this one. I'm happy to say I just finished an epic run through Endless Easy that ended predictably in sector 19 against the final encounter against the Unknown. There was simply no way to survive the immediate onslaught from the Unknown Battlestations.

Anyway, I read through many of the posts in this thread and have a few suggestions of my own...

1. Running the app mutes any podcasts or audio I'm running in the background, which really bothers me because I like to listen to other things while I game. I'm running iOS.
Very doubtful that the developers can or will change this for me, but that's the most important issue to me.

2. A method to boost the hull of your ships would be nice and might help late game balance. My suggestion would be to have a module on each ship that's dedicated to the Armor for the ship.
Of course, this would probably take a lot of balancing work to implement properly.

3. Movement speed is a common complaint. I know this is intentional, but the game might benefit from a movement speed boost all around.

Thanks BugByte for this awesome game, and I really hope to see additions or sequels to this title! The world needs more games like this one.

Welcome, Shugo!

And thank you everyone for the suggestions so far! It's always great to see that there are players out there enjoying the game so much they will bother to write improvements to us Smile

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Hello everybody!
My ideas are from the previous games (classic and first contact):
-the player can choose an equipment at the attacked ship, who "gets" the fire (missile and the others). This is good for - for example - to destroy the weapon or the cargo bays of the enemy's ship. Like in the "First contact". (Ahead at this way the player or the enemy can defuse the drive engines. Without that it can't escape.) (And - for example - engineers can repair this equipments, but until this time you can't use that)
-catch a ship with Marines
And I have a question: why is good, the fighters can return to the hangar

At my last game, with Trademark and 2 Valiant i made level 17 at normal dif without any teleport or red shield. I could continiue but i made a mistake willingly (try to fight point blank against 10 ships) because it get bored.

I tried an Armada when i lost one of my valiants and it survived 3 jump...

I can understand the devs and their "we failed at balance" point but they made tons of patches for this game and i can't believe they just did not fix this. I opened some end game ships but they are totally useless and not better at all rather then 1 Trade 2 Val combination. They are fast maybe but the 2 Val you will get is dead slow.. so what's the point?

After 17 level i saw this:

1. You get better and better red batteries..
2. You get slightly better secondaries..
3. You don't get a fighter squad drop..
4. You don't get any better shield as secondary or primary.

I think the devs played their game, so you don't need to be Einstien for this.

1. The only survivable ships are heavy carriers and total you have "8" bays and "11" main batteries with 1 Trade - 2 Val combination. This is the only combination if you want any endless game.

2. I got 8 bay on a carrier game and i don't have any option to get any better fighter drop? How do you miss that? Really.. this is not balance problem, this is like you don't have new guns at a FPS shooter.. this is a huge fail..

3. Game got only red weapon drops to make you able to fight with more tougher enemies. You dont get any better ship updates as HULL and Shield; you dont get any bay updates; your secondary weapons are useless because all the fighters in game are same HP.

AND i have carriers. A carrier game with main battery drops as the only weapon at a endless game..

4. As the secondary weapons get power and range, the rocket based weapons with destructable projectiles are TOTALLY USELESS. End.. You got 11 rocket tower with all updates up and even a single ship can destroy most of them. So Death ray and huge proton cannon with some very high level flak cannons are your only option as usable weapons in game.

5. No secondary shield drop with more power.. Why? We dont have any hull or shield update to the ship, and you don't let us have any more powerfull shield drops? After a level number, you shields get "one" hit even you got 6 full updated secondary shields. The game lacks totally at ship durability. How could you miss this?

6. End level item.. they always crap..uter crap..

This game looks much variaty to use against enemies. BUT NO.. you got only one combination: 1 Trade - 2 Val with repair and bolter drones and deathray-proton cannon main batteries with nearly full shield secondaries. After this line you don't have any reason to play this game.

New alien ships are totally useless and a time lose for devs when there is so clear problems to handle. I don't know the reason why they did not fix those with so many updates and they made more and more useless additions..

At least give us:

- Bay drops with more powerfull fighter/bombers..
- Secondary shield drops with more powerfull versions..

Those 2 should be 1 day dev jop, even they can do it at their free time and it could save this game a bit as a carrier fleet command.

- Add Dreadnought class main battery ships with at least 4k Hull and 8+ main batteries.

You could add 3 more ships to this game without making any effort.. If the game was modable, i would add them in a weekend for free..

- Special Slots or update system for hull/shield/speed..

This is maybe the only time consuming update, you should done already..

I know the game is older, i know devs don't want to give more time and money for this game.. BUT you will give 2-3 days to add those i said at max.. 3-4 battleship, bay drops and making ships more tougher to survive against enemies at late level..

Those are very simple things to do.. Please.. i love this game so much at my phone so i beg you to give 2-3 days for a final patch.. don't care rebalancing.. we don't need balance.. because game goes unbalanced already at endless after some point.. so just create them..

If you don't do this, i will hope another dev team to make a game like this.. but why would i wait when we got already finished one and need some very little touches..

Sry bad english.. thx.

So do you have any plan to make a paid expansion or DLC.. i am ready to throw money..

Drages. I have a question for you:

How many games like Harbinger is there on mobile?

The answer is not many. There are many reasons for this. First of all, creating a game like Harbinger takes 1000 times the effort compared to some flappy bird clone. Second, big companies don't create games like Harbinger because they only focus on the mass appeal Candy crush clones etc.

It is not easy creating a game like Harbinger, we spent 2 years on it We spent 2 years on it and it costs $4 on mobile! That's an outrageously low price, which we are forced to use since otherwise our game will fall out of lists into obscurity. So while the game is not perfect, I humbly ask of you that have you not gotten your $4 worth? A common rule in the gaming industry has been that a game costing $4 should give 4 hours of entertainment.

I hope you can keep this in mind, what we are doing on mobile is quite unique. We are going against the tides, making premium space strategy games. If it really would be that easy and profitable there would be a lot more Bugbyte companies out there...

We are working on some new things now, and while I cannot promise you anything yet, the Battlevoid series might not be forgotten yet Smile

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