DevBlog #23 - Play Space Haven on PC/Mac/Linux by backing Kickstarter February 27th!

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Ladies and gentlemen! The time has finally come. Finally I am able to write the long-awaited words: "Play Space Haven". Watch the announcement trailer for Space Haven above.

[Image: R0tbysG.jpg]

Here's what's new!
  • You will be able to play Space Haven on PC/Mac/Linux by backing Space Haven on Kickstarter, which starts February 27th 2019!
  • Backers of the Kickstarters will be able to play an early version of Space Haven (PC/Mac/Linux) after Kickstarter has sent us the backer list (About 2 weeks after Kickstarter ends) and help us with feedback.

NOTE! We're still working on bringing the game also to Android and iOS! However, only participate in Kickstarter if you want to play on PC/Mac/Linux or if you want to support us otherwise. Sadly, we cannot make an early access mobile version part of the Kickstarter. If you only play on mobile, I'm sure you will be disappointed by not being able to participate with your device at this time, and I'm very sorry. Know that we would not limit this if we felt it was possible to make also the mobile platforms a part of the Kickstarter campaign.

The past 2 months have been fierce. We've made so much progress, and it feels like we've turned a corner regarding the development of Space Haven. It will be great to be able to provide a game build for PC/Mac/Linux to you, our players, and jump on an iterative development process where we move forward with the help of player feedback. I could ramble all about what we've been up to, but perhaps a trailer and new screenshots is better than anything I could say with words!

[Image: m22sQxb.jpg]

We have also set up a Steam coming soon page for the game. It will still take time before we will be able to release the game on Steam, the iterative development with the help of feedback from our Kickstarter backers will determine when the game is ready! Right now though, you will be able to check out the Steam page and remember to give it a follow and wishlist!

Open in browser: Open Steam Store Page in browser
Open directly in Steam: Open Steam Store Page directly in Steam

New screenshots for your viewing pleasure! See more at the Steam coming soon page.

[Image: o9btHGi.jpg]
[Image: zBZyFpk.jpg]
[Image: V47RrN2.jpg]
[Image: gkl6T9h.jpg]

[Image: qLXqGXR.jpg]

We are going to need your help when the Kickstarter starts, bug-troopers! Here's a list of all the places you can follow Space Haven to be notified of when the Kickstarter campaign launches:

The best way to be notified is the mailing list:

Feel free to share the trailer to your friends and on your favorite forums such as Reddit or other! That really helps us spread the word!
Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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