DevBlog #23 - Play Space Haven on PC/Mac/Linux by backing Kickstarter February 27th!


(12-19-2018, 10:41 PM)Madmandom Wrote: Can't believe I followed this game for so long to find out,I will miss out on playing the game at the same time as pc players on February,you said you will try your best to bring it to mobile,are you saying there is a chance this is not going to be on mobile??

The game is working on Android and iOS, but we need to determine what the minimum screen size is going to be. We cannot jump into selling the game to backers on Kickstarter if we aren't confident the game is going to be enjoyable on a certain screen size.

Tablets are looking really good, although the mobile UI still needs some work. Also, we're not sure if we need to create a whole new UI for phones. And before that we need to test to see how players react to the game on phones otherwise too. Regarding screen size it is not as clear cut of a case as for example Harbinger was. If it isn't then we shouldn't be selling it on those devices at this point.

So we need to work on it and find out which devices we can support, and that is what I mean with us doing our best Smile We're doing everything in our power to include as many devices as we can.

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