Ailab's suggestions :)


Hi, I collected some ideas but I don'know if one or two of them are already implemented in the game. I sent this collection in the ingame feedback, too Smile

-two traits to endure cold and warm
-the lighting of beds modify sleep -> when they are at light, the quality of sleeping suffer a penalty
-the awake mates in the same room and negative comfort cause a sleep-qualitiy penalty
-the hunger and bad environment effect a sleep-quality penalty
-a new device: scanner. It shows on the starmap how many ice, crystals etc are there.
-a new device: energy-container. So relocating the core module or a demage of the energy-network doesn't effect immediate a big problem
-I don't understand why must I explore the whole derelict ship, to salvage... It would provide more exciting gameplay
-when we are able to control more ships: can we take the control of a derelict ship?
-time passes in the hyperspace (with reduced calculation): the food and water will decrease
-instead of 'someone has meaned me' print also the name who meaned him/her
-at (not dangereous) low body temperature the crew members catch a cold
-heat-proof wall and fire-proof wall
-round-worm, viral infection and such mignon diseases -> the player must separate the diseased characters
-to see the whole ship with its top ("roof") in tactic mode: the chambers have (randomly) different height to avoid monotony, and see the weapons and antennas of the scanner (writed in the 3. line)
-the characters cannot shoot from behind a standing mate (bcs the mate is in fire-line)
-no infinite spacesuits at airlock (4 is enough, but they must bring it back, when they get it off at another airlock)
-the rotateable walls are absolutely unnecessary: it rotate itself, when there are a wall nearby.
-a chance that the new crewmember from stasis pod is very unhealhy, stressed, or miasmatic
-collapse in lack of oxygene
-rob resources from stockpiles of other ships
-let cooking be a job
-let the need of sleeping be person-dependant
-the movement of the AI ships in system-view is too randomly. They must be more sure-footed
-to eat human meat reduce the mood depending on the traits of the character
-the ability to back during gunfight
-distincted beds and sleeping chambers cause sleep-quality benefit (increasing)
-to play together at arcade-machine increase their relationship
-better power-node -> better links, that means lower resistance (this elevate the energy-network behavior more complex)
-make statistic over disease, mood, starving etc.

-by right-click deselect everything (like esc without mainmenu ability)
-'unreachable areas' sign pop up if only the job is there. (On my ship is an unreachable tile, but this isn't important -> the 'unreachable area' sign annoy me)
-'accident' sign pop up if only it causes fire. It is too fearsome to pop up at every time, when the character must restart the job.
-two or three shots are lethal
-at jobs viewmode let the characters connect to his/her job
-let the refinery and the other devices nonuseable during repairing it
-couch and chair increase the comfort
-a follow button at the selected character -> the camera move along with the character


Thanks for the suggestions! Smile

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