Oxygen management during prisoner capture

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Hi, so this is more of a question than a complaint. 
Should oxygen management be such an obstacle in a single shuttle capture of 5 prisoners?

I had one shuttle with 4 crew started with the 10k oxygen in shuttle. We went to a defeated pirate ship of 6. 5 survived the encounter and became our prisoners. They were all low on oxygen by that time and hurt. Their airlock was on 0 when we got to it and it took 2000 from my shuttle. The only way I could fill their air was to put them on the shuttle. (Is there any other way for prisoners?)
At this point it took me about 3 real time hours to figure out how to get all 4 crew and 5 prisoners back alive. 

The shuttles 6k remaining oxygen was not enough for everyone. I had to put the 3 lowest heath prisoners on first so they could get air and hope the high health ones would last the trip back to our ship. Then I took the 3 out so I could glitch 1 crew and 5 prisoners in the shuttle at once and send them home. They barely made it without the most hurt prisoner dying. The 3 crew left behind also barely made it on the 2k oxygen left in the airlock before my shuttle came and got them and took them home. 

If I had not been able to glitch all the prisoners in the shuttle at once 6/4, i can’t think of a way to have done it. 
Also, prisoners glitched a lot when my shuttle was at the airlock. They kept getting thrown out outside the derelict ship. I had to dock on a tile nearby to make it stop. 

Sorry for the long post. Just curious if this scenario should be this difficult. Maybe consider increasing the oxygen capacity of the shuttle or something. 

Love the game and the amazing attention to detail. I found out I can even share oxygen among the crew to even them out. 
Thank you for all your hard work!!!

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