The top right message box ideas, tips



The top right message box where it says what each character is having on moods and effects, could it be possible to make it larger so we can read more in 1 go about what's happening to them? Those 4 or 5 lines we can see max is just waaaay too less to keep track of things, especially when going at fast speed to make things go faster. I kinda hate i have to pause it to read back some of those lines as some are pretty funny but i would also like to see who insulted who and who got rejected or who heard a funny joke from who without having to pause the game and scroll back up. Would be fun if you would make it so that you could enlarge that box just like a chatbox in MMOs or so.

Great game, keep it up ^^


I whole heartedly second this request
I have spent a lot of time moving my mouse cursor around the bottom edge in the vain home that I could drag it down and make it longer.

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Same same... still mousing that way and hoping maybe i missed it and i can enlarge it but nope, still in vain Tongue

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