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Does anyone else use anything but bolters? I have the worst time trying to use gatlings or lasers. For one the lasers need be buffed or changed how they do damage(ie multiple tics of damage per burst). Gatlings are fun and do well against other ships chipping away at armor and health, but I rarely see a gatling even fire in the right direction of a missile/rocket. Comparatively, a broadside of bolters can knock out most inbound threats(especially with burst upgrade).


Yes the point defense balance is a little wonky. The Bolter is definitely the best option in almost all cases right now. I don't think the gattlings are unusable, but the accuracy does really hurt them, and they really aren't ever better than the Bolter. The laser mechanics are funky, I'm not quite sure how they work, but I do think they could benefit from a bit of a mechanics tweak. It's a shame they don't work because their accuracy should make them a great choice for point defense, especially against missiles coming in at wierd angles. What would you change to bring them all up to the same level? I think it should probably start with a Bolter nerf =)


lasers cannot take out missles, which is the only threat i run into. bolters to start, then i just replace it with Gatling or botlers that drop. I have never seen another race drop a laser.


Bolters or Gatlings can work great. Gatlings are less accurate but do more DPS than bolters if they hit, and they have longer range so they engage missiles before bolters can. I'm not sure which is better than the other honestly.


With three upgrades, the gatlings can be just a bit better against hull than the bolter (except for the accuracy). The imbalance between the two is partly from the fact that the bolter can upgrade hull damage and burst, and BOTH upgrades make it better at point defense. It would be cool if the laser would be adjusted to be better at point defense than the other two, but if the gatling and bolter could be better at ship to ship combat. The laser's perfect accuracy should help it in this role. Adding an option to upgrade accuracy of the gatling might help it really shine as a point defense. I think the lasers need an option to upgrade range (so they can target missiles sooner), and perhaps a slight mechanics change to help them actually kill missiles. I'm not sure why but even groups of lasers really do seem to not work against missiles right now.


I've begun using Bolters exclusively, upgrading their Burst, Hull Damage, and Accuracy (in order) then just making sure to orient my ships in such a way where as many Bolters as possible face the enemy(ies) with missiles/rockets.


Sadly the best Point Defence are Projectile cannons, you are better off just concentrating on buying and upgrading them than using Gatlings, Lasers or Bolters.

If you do use Point Defence, which I generally do just because it looks cool. Then the most effective I have found is Bolters with 1 DMG Upgrade and 2 Accuracy upgrades. Missiles will not get through at all.

I think the game needs some big changes with regards to weaponry, I will list it in another post.

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