Battlestation: Harbinger Content Update Kickstarter


Hi there from an addict!

First, you should implement everything you have already done for First Contact!
-Crew assignment: I would like to know more about what the crew actually does though. FC is not very clear about hangar and weapons crew.
Tops would be some kind of officer school where you can specialise and enhance your crew (navigators, gunners, pilots...). This would add some RPG flavour.
-Science: develop new techs to strengthen/enhance weapons, drones, crew etc. to suit your style of play better
-Drone management: That was pretty good. Settings for piloting, targeting etc. Would help a lot. Also drone wings should be more easily distinguishable for easier handling. Assign each wing a colour.

-Weapon targeting: At the moment especially the point defense is firing at random (my feeling). I believe this is also the reason why they seem to be ineffective at times. Each turret should have a detailed target setting. Fighters, Capital ships, incoming missiles etc.
Also the firing arcs of point defense need some tweaking. Forward turrets are NOT firing forward...
-Stations: Purchasing weapons, upgrading stuff - great ideas. Stations should be more resillient though. Currently they are gone faster than my ship...
-Terrain: Asteroids are a must have! Beware of debris on colission course though! Need some beef to clear your path...
-Story/Missions/Info: A little more story and different missions would be great (and IMHO needed for a good, long-term motivating PC version!). I would like to see some more info on the enemy ships, too. Race, loadout, fighter qty. Maybe even weak points after you have done some fights agains them.
That brings to mind -sensor systems -electronic warfare
The PC vbersion also needs and endless mode or second playthrough. Don't like my hard earned ships enter Nirvana afer 3 systems.
Maybe add a Hall of Fame/Museum displaying the most successfull ships, including load out, kill rates etc.

I believe the game is already pretty solid as is. Some balancing here and there -ok.
The content update is always prone of feature creep.
You see a lot of things here that sound good but I am not sure they would work out well in the game (mines for example). Ultimately, trying to put in everything could mean disaster. Creating solid fallbacks can prevent heading into a dead end.
If you go to Steam have the choice to play the game -classic (as it is today) -enhanced (a solid variation with some general tweaks balancing and story) -experimental.
Could be similar to FTL where you can activate the enhanced version when starting a new game.

Those are my 50cents for now...

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