Battlestation: Harbinger Kickstarter is a success! Epic game coming up!


That thing saddens me also AdmiralGeezer but that is how some people react and i believe most people hate that kind actions. I do not think those people who voted it that way even visits there.

I would say that do not give up because of those people Smile Chances like that was a good balance change and for the betterment of the game and i think everyone here agrees with that!

It's always sad that people like that abuse the review system like that Sad
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Congratulations on the successful Kickstarter , just wanted to say well done what you and your team have done is a great achievement this is by far one of my favourite games on the App Store. Keep up the good work!


What ia taking so long? Beat this game so many times i am about to delete it out of bordem. Can we atleast get an update please?


We are currently working on the user interface for the PC version, will give some updates on the progress of that soon! Unfortunately game development takes a lot of time and hard work, it's just the way it is. Rearranging the user interface, creating text tool tips, implementing individual fighter movement in the PC version. These are things we are working on right now.



It's hard work this user interface stuff but we are getting there! Presenting some new screenshots from the PC game. Individual Fighter movement implemented Smile More freedom to implement more complex and precise control, something that will make Harbinger a little bit different on PC compared to mobile.

[Image: terrificUIShot21280.jpg]
Bandboxing and taking control of fighters!

[Image: VeryNiceBGIncomingEnemy1280.jpg]

[Image: FantasticBattlestationShot1280.jpg]
Big fleet, big action!

[Image: bigBattlestationAction31280.jpg]
Defending a Battlestation from incoming attack.


Very cool! Very inspiring! Good UI/UX is actually a rather demanding thing to do it right. Glad you're making progress!

So you're saying that Harbinger PC and mobile versions gonna diverge? What lies behind the decision to make the mobile one more simple? I understand it can be about screen space and mouse pointer? Would be nice to see the good features incorporated in mobile though! Otherwise how would you come back to mobile after playing PC if they diverge, but not enough to be different games? Won't I feel it being the same game, but me being handicapped in controls?


Designing an user interface for mobile is really really hard. There is so little space to work with, and the finger takes it's own. When we started making Harbinger on mobile we had to keep in mind some players might be playing the game on a phone, with very little screen space.

The flow of the game has to be natural and non-frustrating. It would be easier to have more complexity if the battles were turn-based, but we essentially made a little mini starcraft for mobile Smile Originally the core of Harbinger was meant to be the upgrading and the turn-based star map, with the real-time battles giving more spice to the whole package.

I think you have a very good point there, but when thinking about making Harbinger the best it can be on PC there just has to be more precise control of the units. It just feels like it wouldn't be appreciated by players on PC if they couldn't move the fighters around like they want to.

We will definitely see if we can implement more precise controls to mobile as well without making it too complex to enjoy on smaller screens. Imagine trying to hit the correct fighter amidst 20 fighters with a fat finger Smile


Yeah, I know Smile .. well, what can I say, just maybe share some ideas:

1. well, fighter control can be not by-fighter, but by-wing. It is a known and somewhat explored approach in games.. There's not really much sense in controlling each fighter individually, right. Other than that, some things can be like now, but more comfortable - a) target a particular fighter, b) protect main ships against missiles / projectiles, ignoring ships if they're not in the firing line (the living shield tactics, like in the Enders Game movie + firing). Could make for a new type of specialized drones, btw - "shield drones" c) positional control of a fighter wing.. though might be useless.. but maybe there'll be new mission types, where fighter movement separate from capital ships would mean much, d) fighter formations..

2. configurable UI, like if there's problem with screen space for menus on phones, there could be a menu scheme specially for small screens, with different positions, more packed controls..


If you bought it as early access/beta, will that entitle you to also get a copy on steam? Or would we have to pay again?


@simondarksidej. Yes, of course you get a copy on Steam as well! We will update the PC version again very soon. Stay tuned!

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