Extended Edition iOS Beta Test and Feedback!



APPLE/iOS beta test this weekend!

We need you to play the new Harbinger furiously this weekend! Hopefully we can catch all bugs and glitches together on Apple side of things.

This is not the final Extended Edition, but it has a ton of new features and content!


3 MAIN QUESTIONS to our magnificent community:
  • Is the game too hard now?
  • What ship are you playing with and what difficulty?
  • If it is hard: Do you like the challenge or does it make you frustrated?

Smaller Questions to our magnificent community:
  • Do you feel the game has become better now?

  • What difficulty do you usually play, do you find it easy or too hard now?

  • Are there too weak or too powerful Turrets/Drones in your mind? Which ones?
  • Do you get a suitable amount of Scrap/Upgrade points? Too little or too much?

  • Is one game too short or too long?

  • What would you still like to see in the game?
  • What other feedback do you want to give us? Anything you feel could be better?

We hope to get many comments from you, Commanders! So that we can fix the faults and make the game better.


the game became great increased the difficulty that and good
new enemy ships innovated the game found it very good too
the game also got bigger than before and only had 3 stages are now 4 helps a lot in evolution
I believe that the credits and skill points are in line
I wish I had new races would be great for us to play in the future
more for now believe already great
since the weapons believe that miss in the early post new purchases or for example when you complete the game you would release some new weapon
about bugs have not found any

Thank you for this great game


The game is definitely harder but so far it seems reasonable on normal EXCEPT for the starting scrap. I should be able to buy 2 weapons to start out on normal difficulty.

Repairing at the space station should also recharge shields (which would surely happen as fast a structural repairs). Shields should probably regenerate faster in empty sectors (no hostiles) as well. Unless hostiles can actually appear while you are waiting for shields to regain to maximum, but as far as I understand the game this will never happen.


My impressions after about an hour today:

The game is indeed much harder. I haven't been able to beat Easy yet (previously had been able to beat hard mode without too much trouble). So far, I'm quite enjoying the difficulty on easy mode, using a liberator. Since I've been dying a lot, nothing feels "too strong" just yet.

I think I get a suitable amount of scrap.

I enjoy how much stronger lasers have gotten! Although point-defense lasers still seem very weak and require more damage. Bolter point defense also seems much weaker than before, although they are still the cheapest option, so that may be appropriate. But I think they may deserve a small boost in damage or something else.

Plasma bombers are much stronger and fun to use! I like where these are at.

I'm a little sad that energy and projectile cannons no longer have fire rate increases, but I understand that made them both very strong before.

Overall I very much like how many weapons now start with higher damage to begin with, it sets a faster pace early in the game. It does make some weapon upgrades feel less impactful if weapons already feel strong; for example, the laser cannons.

I noticed that black holes cause constant hull damage to missiles and rockets, which kills rockets before they hit the enemy sometimes. This is a cool and realistic effect, and I like it, but it does make missile/rocket builds a bit difficult to use in some circumstances.

I notice rockets now have a (minor!) shield damage upgrade, and I don't see why I would ever choose to buy it. It's not causing any harm, but you might consider removing it just because it seems out of place.

The new mission structure from stations is terrific! I really enjoy the variety of missions and how it all works.

Bug: Warped to a sector with a single fighter in it. Killed the fighter, but a blue arrow to indicate a friendly ship off-screen was there, although there were no friendly ships anywhere.

There also seems to be a delay between warping into a system and attacking enemies; this may be intended, but I thought I would mention it.

The red bars along the sides of the screen seems buggy as well. I'm not sure if they are intended, and when they should show up, but when they appear is not consistent.

I'll post more impressions or bugs if I see them.


The red bars appear only in case if your ship is heavily damaged.Its like indicator of low HP.


I'm playing on iPad mini (1st gen) with iOs 9.
I'm playing the Nightingale on Normal difficulty.

The game is quite harder, there was this one game that I got followed back to base by 2 carriers and there were like more than a dozen fighters coming out of them! Game over.

About my 5th try I was lucky to get a plasma cannon, and there were no black holes or lightning storms surrounding base (which makes getting back to base to repair very hard), so now I'm still surviving.

The new features in the game are cool and add more strategic thinking to play with. I love the new enemy ships and weapons. At the moment upgrade points I get to use are quite slow compared to scrap.

The game freezes and then continues every once in a while.
What I'd like is to be able to have more than 3 ships in the formation.


From a fine Commander:


Some first impressions here.

-The game got harder and is more challenging, especially becouse of the bigger ships. So cool, big thumb up.

-About mercenaries.. Why is the best strategy to use them by hiring them for only 1 round again and again instead of hiring them for example for 10 rounds? By paying them for 1 turn, you don't waste your money when they get destroyed. And it also doesn't ruin your economy like paying them all you have. Please make the cost per turn lower the more turns you wish them to stay with you. Or make it so you can hire them only once - no re-hiring.

-I autopiloted through an anomally which brought up a message that my engines will be disabled for 1 turn. I don't know if the delay happened automatically. Anyway, it would be cool to be able to use a distress beacon when this happens so the turn you are waiting isn't wasted.

-Can you make it so shields regenerate faster when there are no enemies in your sector? I tried a heavy-shielded ship and the waiting for shields to recharge was a bit boring. The same with hull repairs when you have a repair beam (free instarepairs (and shield recharges?) like at stations?).


I noticed a bug playing today. It seems the graphics of Wanderer fighters 'flicker' every once in a while. I'm on an iPhone 5s with latest ios. It happens pretty often.

I see that bolter point defense has a very high rate of fire now, which makes them like shorter-ranged, more accurate, cheaper gatling cannons. I'll have to mess with them more but they might be OK.

I think that Rocket cannons might be overcosted at 1200. They have weak hull and only do a little more damage than missiles. I suggest lowering them to the 900 range. Nukes are also very expensive now, which I understand, but also find it hard to buy them. We'll see how it goes.

I have managed to beat the first map in easy mode but have still not gotten further than that. I am starting to think the difficulty could be a little too high Big Grin


@Kengou. The wanderer fighters, you mean the afterburner on them? Or the fighter itself? Anyone else have the same problem?


I like that the BSE Armada finally moves faster. And it has a higher hull rating, which was needed. I still think it takes too long to get upgrades. Would be nice if I could sell scrap for upgrade materials. When I zoom the display in or out, I'd like it to remain. It resets now each turn. May just be me, but I could not figure out how to solve one mission that required me to kill 6 pirates. I found and killed 3, but couldn't find the others. Made no sense to me, so I bailed on it. Game itself has been very stable. No need for a separate charge indicator for the jump - just fill the jump button itself and then make it active. Easy level seems well balanced now - much better than current version, which feels like you're in a never ending Kobayashi Maru scenario. Normal level up next.

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