Extended Edition iOS Beta Test and Feedback!


On the test flight version updated today maneuvering issue seems resolved.


Haven't had that bug yet. But dude, the newest update rules!

Based on quick observation here's some things that I noticed are different:
-distress beacon will call in allied ships that are in range
-feels like the targeting AI got an upgrade
-space item notification icon (seriously devs, thank you for adding that)
-unique weapon icons
-weapon fire graphics tweak? Seems more pronounced and fluid but could be due to targeting tweaks
-the red bars bordering the screen indicating hull damage now shows up later; so when you see it you know you need to act on it (again, thank you for tweaking that)
-gameplay just seem quicker/faster in a really good way


I notice that now I seem to be charged for repairing at the station.


Also had the repair drones stop functioning. Still animated, but no beams and no repairs done to hull.


I'm still often able to complete item delivery missions. This happens about 2/3 of the time and I'm not sure what conditions cause it. I have the item in inventory. When I click the deliver item icon it consumes the item but doesn't complete the mission.

I'm also having trouble with the items left in space icon. It often shows up at the wrong size, sometimes it is way too small, sometimes it covers the entire screen.

There is also something funky going on with the photon cannon. I'm pretty sure the speed upgrade doesn't do anything. I assume it is supposed to be the flight speed of the missiles, but I can't notice any difference. Additionaly, the speed stat behaves erratically sometimes showing 150,170,190,210 for the upgrade levels, other times it shows 0,20,40,60 for the different levels. I assume this is a bug. What is the intended functionality of the speed upgrade?


@Draikan. The speed is the flight speed of the missiles, it should have an affect. Don't know how noticeable it is to the eye though.

The turrets you find have different starting stats randomly, but the speed stat should never be 0.


@Modi. The maneuver issue is probably due to enemies having ion cannons. They disable your engines on a ship.

If your drones aren't repairing be sure to check if you have scrap metal left. They need scrap to repair.


I tested the missile speeds extensively. I compared the speeds of photon launchers with different speed upgrades and I am very confident that they are not behaving as intended. The missile speed is always the same. I can understand them having somewhat random stats, but we shouldn't randomly be seeing missiles 3x faster should we? I'll try to do some more testing to provide specifics.


I fought schillae until I had a bunch of photon cannons to test with. The weapon has a few issues. Initially the missile speed is 150. After upgrading the speed is 20, then 40, then 60. This is a bug, I assume the speeds should be 150-170-190-210. In addition to this, the upgrades actually do NOTHING. They do NOT increase the missile speed. When multiple cannons fire next to one another it is pretty obvious that the missiles are traveling at the same speed.


@Draikan. Ok! Will write it up and we will have a look.

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