What is Space Haven?

Space Haven is a spaceship colony sim inspired by games like RimWorld, Spacebase Df-9, Oxygen Not Included and Dwarf Fortress.

A Kickstarter campaign for Space Haven was ran early 2019 and it was massively successful. 7777 backers joined to support development of Space Haven and $260k was raised in the end.  

Which platforms will the game be on?

Space Haven is being developed for PC, MAC and Linux. We plan to look into possibilities of supporting also Android and iOS.

When will Space Haven be released?

The early access version is for PC/Mac/Linux. We will develop the game further towards a full release based on player feedback.

The game is now available as early access on stores like Steam and GoG.

How can I be the first to play Space Haven?

You can play it right now as early access on PC/Mac/Linux by purchasing it on stores like Steam and GoG.

I’m a streamer, how can I play your game?

You can contact us at support (at) with your channel information and a way to verify your e-mail (Listed on Youtube or other). Note that you have to be an active streamer with an established community for us to consider.

I want to share an idea for the game with you!

You can contact us at support (at) or join Discord, or our subreddit or forums.

Who are the developers?

We are Bugbyte, a small but experienced 3-man indie team. As of 2020 we have been developing games for 8 years. Our previous most successful games belong to a game series called “Battlevoid”, out of which Battlevoid: Harbinger is the biggest success.

I want to see screenshots and video. Everything!

Then you are in luck! We have kept a development blog since the very beginning. Go here to see screenshots/video from our development posts.

Is the game listed on Steam or GoG?

Yes it is! Space Haven on Steam, and Good Old Games.

How can I help you with the game?

You can help us by spreading the word! Tell your friend about this website. Post on relevant subreddits like r/gaming, r/games etc. Retweet one of our posts on twitter and share on Facebook. Your help means a lot to us!

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(Are you a streamer? Mail us at: support(at) with your channel information.)