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Builds their base somewhere on a ship, the basic worker units scours the ship for something organic to attack and incapacitate, the capture unit comes and plasters the poor human to a wall in their base.

The Crawler

Crawlers 600x338.jpg

This quadrupedal life form is well adapted to life in space and can survive indefinitely in hard vacuum and pressurized environments alike, though it moves slowly. If it can get close enough, it attacks by biting, potentially causing a bleeding wound. Crawlers aim to incapacitate their prey, so that their counterpart "Haulers" can gather and cocoon their victims.

The crawler has four limbs and is quite slow. It attacks using a melee attack, biting targets next to it. The bites cause bite wounds, which may develop into bleeding wounds. The crawlers aim to incapacitate their prey, so that the haulers can come and create cocoons of the poor incapacitated prey.

The Hauler

Alien cocooning 01 600x338.gif

This larger life form stores gas inside its body, allowing it to float just as well in pressurized environments as it does in the vacuum of space. It propels itself with bursts of compressed air, achieving bursts of surprising speed that let it close with its prey faster than they expect. Once near, its tentacles incapacitate and cocoon the prey, which are then hauled back to the alien's lair. A Hauler's victim's grisly fate is to be plastered helplessly to a wall near the creature's eggs, and used to incubate new alien life...

The hauler is bigger and uses a float mechanism to move. It is also capable of dashing forward like a squid in water, by using it's body and tentacles to create a forward motion force. This allows it to close gaps quickly and get close to its prey. Once near, it will attack with a melee attack and aim to incapacitate its prey. Once incapacitated the hauler will cocoon its prey and haul it to the alien lair, where it plasters the cocoon to a wall close to alien eggs.

The Alien lair

Captured by aliens 600x338.jpg

The aliens also have a lair, where eggs are born close to the lair core spreading out alien lair membrane. Once cocoons are brought to the lair by Haulers they will plaster their prey to walls close to the alien lair core.

Crew members can be freed from the lair by having another drafted crew member save them. This is done by using the operate icon button on the captured crew member with another drafted crew member.


Cocoon 600x338.jpg

Once a crew member has been cocooned they are incapacitated and cannot escape without help. However, since the aliens want to keep their prey alive as long as possible the cocoon provides the prey a source of oxygen, allowing them to stay alive a longer time.

Crew members can be freed from cocoons by having another drafted crew member save them. This is done by using the operate icon button on the cocoon with another drafted crew member.

Rescue Missions

Mission brief inventory 600x338.jpg

If a crew member has been abducted they can be rescued. This is done by arranging a rescue party and going into the alien lair to free the abducted crew member from their prison cocoon. Organize an away mission by drafting one or more crew members and entering the alien lair. Once close to the abducted crew member use a second mouse click on top of the cocoon and select the use icon. This should make the selected character go free the abducted crew member.