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W Pan camera up.
A Pan camera left.
S Pan camera down.
D Pan camera right.
Mouse 3/Mouse 2 Pan/drag map.
Scroll Wheel Zoom in and Zoom out.
Game Speed
F1 Speed 1x.
F2 Speed 2x.
F3 Speed 3x.
F4 Speed 4x.
SPACE Toggle Pause.
Character Movement & Facility Rotate
C Look At, when character is drafted and selected.
X Stop movement, when character is drafted and selected.
G Rotate facility CCW.
F Rotate facility CW.
Selection Commands
Mouse 1 Select object/character with mouse.
Left Shift Add to selection but only of same type. E.G. Characters, mining pods, etc...
Left Control Remove from selection.
Left Control (Hold in) + number Create a group of currently selected units.
Menu & View Binds
B Toggle build menu.
V Show build view.
M Open starmap.
J Open systems menu.
K Open crew management menu.
N Open quest.
T Toggle tactical view.
N Open quest.
E Cycle next view mode.
Q Cycle previous view mode.
Group Binds
0 Group 0.
1 Group 1.
2 Group 2.
3 Group 3.
4 Group 4.
5 Group 5.
6 Group 6.
7 Group 7.
8 Group 8.
9 Group 9.
10 Group 10.
11 Group 11.
12 Group 12.
13 Group 13.
14 Group 14.
15 Group 15.
16 Group 16.
17 Group 17.
18 Group 18.
19 Group 19.