Hyperspace Travel

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Hyperjump or hyperspace jump is a jump that transports some physical object by faster-than-light travel from one place to another.

The hyperdrive is the spaceship engine, enabling spaceships to jump into hyperspace and faster-than-light travel by entering hyperspace. A navigations console is needed to calculate trajectories to new destinations.


To enable hyperspace travel for a spaceship it will need:

  • A Power Generator.
  • Sufficient life support modules.
    • Oxygen Generator.
    • Gas Scrubber.
    • Thermal regulator.
  • One Navigations console.
  • One Hyperdrive (More if the ship mass requires it).

As long as the spaceship has these it will be able to jump into hyperspace, providing the following resources are present on the ship:

  • Energy rods to keep the core running.
  • Hyperfuel to enable the hyperdrive to be charged.

Hyperspace Travel

When the spaceship has all the modules needed for a hyperspace jump, the jump can be executed via the systems menu.

Executing a jump

  1. Enable the jump toggle in the systems menu.
  2. Keep all crew members and shuttles UNDRAFTED to enable them to return home and prepare for a hyperspace jump.
  3. Wait until crew members take positions at the navigations console and at the hyperdrive to charge it.
  4. Ensure there is at least one person with "Navigate" as a priority in the crew management menu for each ship.
  5. Once the progress bars are full and the jump button has been activated click on the jump button to jump.

This will take the ship/fleet to hyperspace, but the fleet will not yet travel anywhere. Being in hyperspace simply means travel will now be easily executed in the starmap, and it is possible to travel many sectors forward simply by jumping to them one by one.

Traveling in hyperspace

Hyperspace travel is done via the starmap.

  • The next possible sector destination is marked with a green/bluish color, whilst the rest are marked red.
  • Traveling to the next sector will open up new sector destination possibilities to travel to.
  1. Double click on a destination sector to travel to it
  2. Use the Fleet information window to drop out of hyperspace, and in to the sector, OR continue traveling to a next destination by double clicking on the destination sector.