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Drafting essentially means to take manual control. By drafting a character you are taking manual control and giving specific orders to the character. This means they will not be able to carry out any tasks assigned to them in the crew management priorities menu. They will in fact do nothing unless you tell them to.

Drafting is mostly only used in combat situations. Only use draft when you want to manually command a character to go on a mission or you want to equip or give a very specific command. E.G. you want the character to use a medical bed at this instant and not later.

Note that shuttles can also be drafted and moved manually. By drafting both characters and a shuttle you can go on expeditions and explore derelict ships.

Forced Work

Forced work setting can be turned on in certain places, one of them being the systems menu. Forced work means a crew member with this setting is forced to work until exhaustion, ignoring their sleep and leisure schedules. Use this setting sparingly, as it could cause crew members to lose a lot of sleep and be unable to eat.


Starvation occurs when a crew member eats poorly for many days in a row. Just like in real life, starvation cannot be cured by eating well one time. To cure starvation ensure that the crew member has access to food for a longer period of time. Crew members aim to eat on their leisure schedule time. To summarize:

  • Starvation needs more than one time of eating well to be cured. It is cured by the crew member having access to food over a longer period of time.
  • Ensure the crew members have a few hours worth of leisure time in a row (To give them enough time to travel back to their home ship to eat).
  • Ensure that the crew management "ships" tab has the crew member leisure permission set to a ship with a Kitchen or otherwise access to food.

System Readiness

System readiness level refers to an alert level (Similar to defcon). If the readiness level is higher the crew members will be forced to be posted at the console stations for longer, and if set to highest disregard sleep and leisure schedule until exhaustion. Only use a higher system readiness level when you want system consoles (Navigation, Weapons, Shields, Operations) to be manned as fast as possible and as much as possible. Remember to set the setting to a lower level once the crisis is over.

Ship Points

Ship points refers to the max size of a fleet, which depends on how large the fleet spaceships are. Each spaceship in the fleet will take a certain amount of ship points, depending on its size. Larger spaceships take more ship points, while smaller take less. Ship points enable the player to build a small fleet of larger ships, or a big fleet of smaller ships, or anything in between.

System Points

System points refer to available points to be allocated for certain system facilities on a spaceship, larger spaceships will have more system points available for utilization. Examples of facilities that take system points are turrets, shield modules, hull stabilizers and so on. The system points create a max amount of various system facilities a spaceship can host.