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About Refugees

  • Refugees are victims of war, or crew members stuck in a ship that is going under. Once a spaceship or station explodes the crew members will stay alive for a little while, using their spacesuits and whatever oxygen is left in airlocks.
  • You will have time to help during this time, if you choose to do so. Ships or stations might sometimes hail you, and ask for help. Other times you are signaled by them, with a mention of them allowing you to visit their ship.

How to help Refugees

  1. When you are hailed or signaled by the refugees you have an option to help them.
  2. If their communications are down you are often permitted to visit their ship (You can see this in the signaling window). Use a drafted crew member and visit their ship.
  3. Refugees have a speech bubble over the top of their heads, indicating they are willing to talk to you.
  4. Talk with the refugees and let them know you want to help.
  5. After you have stated you want to help refugees will act like your own crew members and use shuttles to get back to your ship to safety.

Building a Refugee area

A refugee area can be created using the refugee area permission tool. This tool can be found in the build menu.

  • The tool allows you to paint a refugee area, where refugees may stay on your ship.
  • Use the tool to paint a small or large area, however you want it. Note that the refugees have all the same needs as your own crew members, and will eventually complain if they do not have beds, a toilet, a Kitchen and so on.
  • You can create a specific area just for the refugees, with all the required facilities for comfort OR you can paint pathways to facilities like a Kitchen, to allow refugees and to use these facilities. Keep in mind that some facilities might be restricted from your own crew members if you allow access to refugees (To make sure refugees actually get food for example), so it might be best to build a kitchen or algae dispenser meant only for your refugees.

When you bring a refugee to your ship, the refugee will aim to seek out a refugee area and stay there. Refugees are capable of helping you and can do simple work like logistics.

What to do with Refugees

Ultimately you want to find a spaceship or station belonging to the same faction as the refugees. You can then hail this spaceship or station and let them know you have refugees aboard. Once you give them back to their faction you will be praised for helping them.