The Power Grid

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The Power Grid

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Basic Power and Advanced Power

The power grid is divided into two networks, the Basic Power network and the Advanced Power network.

  • Basic Power - Is low capacity power distribution integrated into the hull, capable of powering facilities with low power needs. As such, the distribution of Basic Power is automatic and covers the whole ship.
  • Advanced Power - Is power transmitted from a node, needed for facilities with a higher power demand. These are all industry facilities and facilities related to ship-to-ship battles (Turrets and Shields).

The power grid consists of:

  • Power Generators - These are the power generator facilities and others like the solar panel.
  • Power distribution modules - These are the power nodes, distributing advanced power within areas and also storing a small amount of power.
  • Power storing modules - This is the power capacity node (Battery), capable of storing a substantial amount of advanced power and distributing it when needed.
  • Power consumers - All the facilities requiring power to operate, with power consuming spikes depending on their functionality. Most facilities only need basic power (Low capacity power distribution integrated into the hull), while industry and ship-to-ship battle related facilities require advanced power (high capacity power transmitted from a node)

Power Nodes

Power nodes are capable of both distributing power further to three other power nodes, and storing a small amount of power in their built-in battery. The power nodes are capable of distributing power in a wireless way within a certain area, providing all facilities with power within that area.

Power nodes come in different shape and forms:

  • The Large Power Node - This is the sturdiest of the power nodes, with the widest power distribution area and capable of also storing a decent amount of power. However, it also takes up valuable space.
  • The Small Power Node - This is the medium range power node. Takes less space than the large power node.

Step-by-Step to set up the power grid

  1. Build a power generator / Ensure you have a power generator built.
  2. Facilities with a low power need will automatically receive power through the ship hull itself.
  3. Facilities with a high power need, such as industry facilities and ship-to-ship battle related facilities, will need Advanced Power.
  4. Expand the advanced power grid with a power node.
    1. Rinse and repeat to expand the advanced power grid even further according to need!

The Power Control Menu

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The power control menu controls how advanced power is distributed to various ship systems, including shields, operations (Scanner), turrets, hyperdrives and industry. The power control menu can be accessed from the lower right part of the user interface.

Boosting Power

Power capacity node.jpg

  • It is possible to achieve settings above 100% in the power control menu. This can be done by building power capacity nodes, each giving a 5% increase to the maximum power available for a system.
  • Boosting will decrease recharge times for the systems, meaning turrets and shields will recharge faster. Boosting is capped to a 20 percentage point increase, by building 4 power capacity nodes.
  • Additional power capacity nodes (Over 4 units) will not increase the maximum beyond 120% for a system.
    • Over 100% Means the facilities within a system category are boosted. Boosting will make the facilities perform faster but parts of the facilities will degrade over time as long as the facility is boosted.
    • 100% Means that the facilities within this system category are allowed to receive their full maximum need of power.
    • 50% Means that the facilities within this system category are allowed to receive only half of their maximum need. This will affect their behavior, make them operate slower.


  • If the power grid starts flickering/running out of power in some areas it means the generator is not capable of creating enough supply for the demand. This can be improved by building another power generator. One power generator will only be capable of sustaining a certain amount of power need.
  • If some facility is not receiving advanced power even though they should, check that the settings in the power control menu are set to allow enough power to a system.