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Faction relationships determine if you are able to trade with another faction spaceship or not. Merchants usually want to trade with everyone, so trading with them is easy. However, with many other factions you have to negotiate for a trade agreement before trading is possible.

Negotiating a trade agreement

  • Hail the other spaceship, by selecting it in tactical map.
  • Choose Negotiate category and ask for a trade agreement.

Initiating a trade

  1. There's currently two ways to initiate a trade:
    1. If you already have a trade agreement: Select the ship in tactical map and click the trade tab.
    2. If you do not have a trade agreement: Hail the other spaceship, try asking for a trade agreement and if successful choose the trade option at the root of the dialogue tree.
  2. This will open up the trade window.
  3. Select new trade, this will essentially reserve a trade slot. Many trades can be made simply by opening the trade window again and choosing new trade.
  4. Select the items you want to give and which items you want to receive.

A successful trade requires the following:

  • Your own crew members loading an airlock with all the resources, which were designated to be traded with the other party.
  • The partner crew members loading their airlock with all the resources, which were designated to be traded with your crew.
  • A shuttle to carry out the exchange.

Following the execution of a trade

Once a trade has been agreed upon, a blue notification will pop up at the right side notification section of the user interface. You can hover with your mouse or click on it to see more information of how the trade is coming along.


If the trade has stagnated and doesn't seem to progress the following could be happening:

  • Ensure your own crew members and shuttles are UNDRAFTED. It could be that the trade cannot be executed due to no shuttle being available, or the shuttle that reserved the trade job has been drafted and cannot operate on its own.
  • Trades can sometimes take a bit longer if the partner crew members happen to be sleeping.
  • Generally a trade should be executed within a day of game time. If the trade is taking longer and your own crew members have hauled all resources to an airlock, it could be that the partner crew has died or is in very bad shape.