Crew Combat

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Surrender rates

Crew members will aim to surrender in combat if they reach a panic state. The chance for a surrender is not based on which side has more crew members attacking or defending, rather a chance for a surrender is rolled each time a crew member gets hit by a bullet. Getting hit often and losing health will make it more likely for the crew member to surrender at some point.

Each crew member have their own individual surrender rate, which is based on their traits, attributes and current health. A hero will be much more unlikely to surrender, while a wimp might surrender immediately.

To find out the surrender rate for a crew member check out their overview tab in the character information. Hovering over the surrender rate will show what is affecting it.

Away Missions & Prisoners

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The crew can venture out on away missions to derelict ships or stations, or dock to other faction ships and board them. Exploring a derelict ship or station is done by exploring the whole ship/station and eliminating all possible threats to the crew. Once a ship/station has been explored a note will be shown on the screen, this makes the ship/station available for salvage for the player.

Equipping crew members with weapons

See the inventory section of the Character category.

How to execute an away mission

Away missions are executed by drafting both crew members and one or more shuttles and then moving them around manually to dock to derelict ships or other faction ships. The following steps illustrate how an away mission can be executed:

  1. With crew members selected, order them to enter a shuttle. This automatically drafts the shuttle as well, although you can also manually draft the shuttle.
  2. Once the crew members have entered the shuttle, select the shuttle and make sure it is drafted.
  3. When the shuttle is selected you are able to give it commands and move it around.
  4. With the shuttle selected, click the dock button and select a desired target, such as a derelict ship airlock.
  5. Wait until the shuttle has docked.
  6. With the shuttle selected, use the shuttle information window and press the exit buttons next to the crew member icons.
  7. Select your crew members and explore the ship/station.
  8. Once the ship/station is completely explored and all threats are eliminated, the ship/station is ready to be salvaged.
  9. The salvage tab for the derelict ship can be found by selecting the derelict ship (In tactical menu).
  10. Be sure to UNDRAFT both your crew members and the shuttle(s) parked at the derelict ship. This will make the crew members carry out orders they receive. Salvage falls under the construction priority in crew management menu.

Taking Prisoners

In crew combat situations one of the sides become overwhelmed and eventually surrender. Surrendering is individual for each character, and is calculated based on their traits and conditions like getting hit by bullets. When the character gets more and more hurt they are more prone to just give up and surrender, fearing they might die otherwise. Both the player characters and the AI characters work in the same way.

When the Player wins:

  1. When the whole boarding/defending AI crew has surrendered, an option to talk with the crew becomes possible. This is done by drafting a character and interacting with one of the other faction characters.
  2. The communication menu will open with options to interact with the faction.
  3. The player has the option to accept their surrender.

It is now possible to command the surrendered crew members to follow a player character. This is done by interacting with one of the surrendered crew members and choosing the "Follow me" command. Use this to have the surrendered crew members follow your own character back to one of your spaceships.

Once at the spaceship, the prisoners will seek out a prison area to stay at. You can also lead them to a specific prison area. Have a look at the building a prison section in the Building category to see how a prison area can be made.

When the AI wins:

  1. The AI will take one or many of your crew members as prisoners, and lead them back to their own ship.
  2. Your crew members will stay there until you contact them with your remaining crew (By hailing their ship) or they initiate a conversation.
  3. Even if all of your crew members are captured the AI should eventually initiate conversation aboard their ship, this will give you the option to accept paying a settlement for your freedom.

Building a Prison

A prison can be created using the Prisoner area permission tool. This tool can be found in the build menu.

  • The tool allows you to paint a prisoner area, where prisoners may stay on your ship.
  • Use the tool to paint a small or large area, however you want it. Note that the prisoners have all the same needs as your own crew members, and will eventually complain if they do not have beds, a toilet, a Kitchen and so on.
  • You can create a specific area just for the prisoners, with all the required facilities for comfort OR you can paint pathways to facilities like a Kitchen, to allow prisoners and your own crew members share these facilities.

When you bring a prisoner to your ship, where a prison area has been marked, the prisoner will aim to seek out such an area and stay there. You can also lead them to a specific prison area you've created. To know how to take someone as a prisoner see the Taking Prisoners section.

Recruiting Prisoners

Prisoners can be recruited, and turned into your own crew members! This does not happen instantly, as it requires time for your crew members to talk to them and convince them to join the crew.

To recruit a prisoner do the following:

  1. Select a prisoner and toggle the "recruit" button on. This is all you need to do.
  2. Make sure your prisoners have a comfortable area to live in. The more comfortable they are the more the chance to recruit will rise.
  3. Your crew members will talk to them daily, and try to convince the prisoner to join your crew. The success depends on the chance to recruit percentage, which you can see in the lower left character information window when you select a prisoner.