@AdmiralGeezer Sweet, I'll check that out!

Hi, I just found out about this game from a post on the Stellaris FB group and I'm hyped!

One detail was bothering me though - why do you use such a basic, aliased and imho ugly font in the game? It makes me feel like the game was made in the 90s. Are there any plans to change it? You have such a nice font on the website. And if you're not going to change it, please at least do something about the aliasing of the font, even that would improve it a lot.

EDIT: Nvm about the aliasing. It seems it's aliased only in some of the material on the website. In some it's nice a smooth. But a nicer font would still be good.

Hi there!

Which font are you talking about? The video is merely 1280x720 resolution, and at least for me the quality of the video fluctuates, when that happens the fonts look blurry immediately.
Everything in-game is sharp. Fonts can be changed though, although they are not always trivial to choose.

[Image: derelictShipEnemy.png]

Do you mean the font above the characters?

(09-14-2018, 12:26 PM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: Hi there!

Which font are you talking...

Yeah, I was talking about the names above the characters, sorry for not specifying. The rest of the UI looks good Smile

Since you're using a few different fonts, I must suspect that even this one was chosen for a reason. Is there truly no better choice?

Ok. I asked my guys about it and it's just a placeholder font that has been left there. We will look into changing it now Smile Thanks for pointing it out. It's not always easy to see what's left placeholder
when you've been grinding years on something. Still ways to go!

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