Mobile update


@Azhrei. We will see if it is possible. In the Kickstarter it was promised to be in the PC version only.

We would want to have it in the mobile version as well, but it is not completely up to us. Some stores don't like that there is a way to input a code in the game. This could essentially make it possible to sell stuff outside of the store. If you know what I mean.

We will see but it might not be possible. Are you on Android or iOS?


I'm on Android. It's too bad that the store rules might get in the way. Maybe you guys can talk to the Humble Bundle people about getting on their storefront and the android version on Humble Bundle can sneak in the code input as I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have anything against it. I'd buy the game a third time, no problem Big Grin

Well if that doesn't work out and you guys want to put in Windows touch controls, I'd be just as happy! It's probably not worth doing though as I doubt there's many people wanting to play on a Windows tablet. This is sort of outside the scope of the thread but I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't easily play the PC version on my Surface Pro without a mouse and keyboard. An example of a simple problem that came up was not having a button for the menu meant I needed to either plug my keyboard back in or hit the windows key and close the game from the desktop.

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