Battlestation: Harbinger - First Look Gameplay Video


Hey everyone, I've been playing around with the game for a bit and decided to put a video up on my YouTube channel.
Here's the link if you'd like to check it out...


This is awesome. Just watched it and it was a real pleasure. You played the game very well and some awesome situations came up. In the last part you could have tried the wanderer distress beacon and lured the enemies to your sector. Then if you jump the same turn you would have perhaps beaten the last sector.

Only the game does not end there Smile


Yeah, I had forgotten all about the distress beacon, it would have been nice to see what that could have done for me. It probably worked out for the best though, I really wanted to keep the video under 30 minutes so it would be more of a "quick look" instead of a full gameplay, plus, it left a nice "what's on the other side?" cliffhanger Wink


Yes that is very true, good point commander! Smile


Hey guys, i am back. Got some news?


I will make anything in my might to get the game till the end of the week. I have 12 years and i cant do much.


Well the game is out! That is some news right there commander Smile Just let your parents know that it is a one time cost, and then you can play the game forever.


I checked google play. 4.44 USD. Not 3.99.


No the price is $3.99 in USA. Just checked and the receipts of customers confirm this. Do you live in USA?


I live in croatia (told this alerdy a couple of times). That is in Europe. Next to the Adriatic sea. 4 500 000 people. Famous by clean beaches. Capital: Zagreb (about one million people). Hope this is enough.

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