is there plans for a "sandbox" mode? please? :)


(06-12-2020, 05:50 PM)deMangler Wrote: I wold call that a creative mode.
I was looking at the sandbox option in the custom settings, hoping it would make the game feel a bit less rail-roady and more open, but I hope it is not some kind of god-mode.

What does that option do?

BTW - I love this game after 50 hours  - feels like the situations are genuinely emergent from the sim universe rather then just contrived to produce grind (like so many other games) That is important and a great achievement.

*edit*  I just found this post

Which explains that it adds a sandbox category to the build menu.
I am a kind of rogue-like type player so not my thing, definitely handy to prototype ships and get used to creating though.

From what I understand in other games, it simply means typically more starting resources, and less emphasis on missions/events, and just lets you build.

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