Part of the ship part of the crew (Ships and crew management and suggestions)


Hello Community!
It is really cool to be a part of you and play such an amazing game! Thank you Devs!

I know that game is in the early access and many features doesn't exist yet and maybe will never be existed, but I have couple suggestions so far.

First of all, please, give us ability to capture and fix any ship that exist.
For example, the ship of another faction was destroyed by pirate one. I leaved the battlefild (because  I don't have shields, guns and enough crew to fight, only innitial staff) and jumped back when the pirates has gone.
 I found the ship, that now marked as derelict and sent my crew to explore it. 
But! I've found that six members of that ship crew are still alive! They regain oxygen from my shuttle and continue to roaming around their ruined ship. 
They don't fight me, and don't perform any repair works . Some generators are still active and some equipment is still online. 
I wished to help them to fix breaches and repair ship but failed (I do not have such ability). I can only salvage that ship despite the crew is still present and alive. This fact is really hard to understand. 

I thing that it will be more natural to have an ability to fix , capture,  sold, left and utilized any ship in the game  universe. It may lead to conflicts with factions, or persons, it may take an effect to our karma and so on, but ,please give us these options.

And the other one.
Why I can't save those people? 
I can't interact with them, they don't get aboard, they just stay at ship.
I have an option to bring them oxygen using my shuttle or leave them to suffocate. It's awful, you know.

Thank you!

Thank you!


yes please! specially the last part.

please add an avenue for us to bring friendly crews of derelict ships aboard our ship.
something similar to prisoner status for enemy factions. maybe refugee or asylum/guest status that could be gained from dialog like prisoner status is. could even add a tile designation similar to prison, but call it guests, so they could have an area of the ship they are allowed to wonder. or let them wonder freely since they aren't prisoners.
let us try to recruit them same as prisoners and if a ship of the same faction comes in the same sector they could send a shuttle to get them if they don't want to join our crew.

would love to also see a distress beacon they could use. that way if a battle takes place in a different sector in the same system and we dont know about it, the lossing/defeated ship could send a distress signal and give us a chance to help or save them off their derelict ship. we could use a distress beacon too, in case we get stranded. in the distress call maybe you could designate what you need. water, fuel, aid in battle.


Thanks for the feedback! Agree that it would indeed be great if more could be done in those situations.

Takes time to implement such features and as we have so many new features to implement it is hard to know when/if it will be possible. Let's see how it evolves!

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