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  Do System Points Ever Increase?
Posted by: Tohron - 05-31-2020, 09:38 PM - Replies (6)

Looking at some of the featured ship designs, they seem to utilize more system points than the 16 I currently have, so I was wondering if something like adding lots of additional hull increases the amount of available system points?
Also, on a semi-related note, I'm confused by how it says my starting ship is using 10 system points, when the only objects I have from the System tab that use System Points are a Scanner and two Hull Stabilizers (which should only use 6, total).  I'm not sure what could be using up the other four.

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  Starmap and universe ideas for "end game"
Posted by: Nodakear - 05-31-2020, 01:50 PM - No Replies


Some ideas for the universe generation/design. As of right now, the universe is very limited to just a few solar systems and when you complete all them, there will be no more resources to continue on, eventually you will end up with dying resources and just die. So... How about you make it so that the universe is endlessly generated and randomly at that aswell offcourse. That way everytime you jump to a new system, it generates new ones further down the road, and so on and on and on, so we can technically play indefinately. And maybe, if you guys are not already working on it, maybe a storyline to follow through or something, like sort of quests to follow, side quests, maybe randomly generated sidequests in randomly new systems with the randomly generating, ever expanding, universe? Something to go after to get a sort of, hey i finished the game, feeling, and than offcourse open ending with the ever expanding universe after that... Something like that would be nice but especially an never ending universe idea would be neat so we could keep going on at least for a long time, just in case you guys are not going for a story/questline to follow.

Great game still, keep it up ^.^

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  Solar power/panel ideas, possible bug?
Posted by: Nodakear - 05-31-2020, 01:45 PM - Replies (2)


When i use a solar panel and connect it to the grid, it only works if you put a power node right next to it, attached, not even 1 block away, at least, it says it generates power to the node than, but, to my surrise, when you don't have a generator, that solar panel isn't making power, even though it says it's generating at 59%, it should therefore make power right? I don't know how you think solar panels work but if they are at 59% power output, they should be outputting power and sending it but it doesn't seem to do that. Maybe do an overhaul on the solar panel and make it so you can connect it to any powernode in range and send power to it no matter the distance because hey, it's electricity going through a line, it should work no matter the distance, at least for short distances like this. And also, make it so it does send out power when a generator is not connected to it so it can really power stuff in the ships we build, that's what it should be here for right? backup for incase we get low on energy rods for the generator so we can at least power up the food bays for instance so the plants don't die and power up the recycler so we can at least recycle energy scrap to get more energy rods... because right now, if the power dies out, that solar panel isn't giving out power, even at 59% power generation....

Great game though, keep going what you do. Hope to see it finished soon. ^.^

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  The top right message box ideas, tips
Posted by: Nodakear - 05-31-2020, 01:36 PM - Replies (2)


The top right message box where it says what each character is having on moods and effects, could it be possible to make it larger so we can read more in 1 go about what's happening to them? Those 4 or 5 lines we can see max is just waaaay too less to keep track of things, especially when going at fast speed to make things go faster. I kinda hate i have to pause it to read back some of those lines as some are pretty funny but i would also like to see who insulted who and who got rejected or who heard a funny joke from who without having to pause the game and scroll back up. Would be fun if you would make it so that you could enlarge that box just like a chatbox in MMOs or so.

Great game, keep it up ^^

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  Random button, only randomize stat not gender
Posted by: Nodakear - 05-31-2020, 01:33 PM - No Replies


I'd like to see the randomize button on the crew creation screen to just randomize stats only and make a few extra buttons to choose your own gender and look so you can have a character you like and then just randomize stats only so you can have a favourite character and how he/she looks. As an avid roleplayer i like to choose my gender and looks and stick with those and than just work on stats so i get different types of classes but with the same look. Would hope you would implement that.

Great game so far though, hope you keep at it and don't stop working on it.

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  Oxygen management during prisoner capture
Posted by: darrengray9 - 05-29-2020, 10:31 PM - No Replies

Hi, so this is more of a question than a complaint. 
Should oxygen management be such an obstacle in a single shuttle capture of 5 prisoners?

I had one shuttle with 4 crew started with the 10k oxygen in shuttle. We went to a defeated pirate ship of 6. 5 survived the encounter and became our prisoners. They were all low on oxygen by that time and hurt. Their airlock was on 0 when we got to it and it took 2000 from my shuttle. The only way I could fill their air was to put them on the shuttle. (Is there any other way for prisoners?)
At this point it took me about 3 real time hours to figure out how to get all 4 crew and 5 prisoners back alive. 

The shuttles 6k remaining oxygen was not enough for everyone. I had to put the 3 lowest heath prisoners on first so they could get air and hope the high health ones would last the trip back to our ship. Then I took the 3 out so I could glitch 1 crew and 5 prisoners in the shuttle at once and send them home. They barely made it without the most hurt prisoner dying. The 3 crew left behind also barely made it on the 2k oxygen left in the airlock before my shuttle came and got them and took them home. 

If I had not been able to glitch all the prisoners in the shuttle at once 6/4, i can’t think of a way to have done it. 
Also, prisoners glitched a lot when my shuttle was at the airlock. They kept getting thrown out outside the derelict ship. I had to dock on a tile nearby to make it stop. 

Sorry for the long post. Just curious if this scenario should be this difficult. Maybe consider increasing the oxygen capacity of the shuttle or something. 

Love the game and the amazing attention to detail. I found out I can even share oxygen among the crew to even them out. 
Thank you for all your hard work!!!

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