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  The Good, Bad and Ugly
Posted by: danzig70 - 09-22-2020, 12:57 AM - Replies (4)

The good: I want to thank the developers for a great game. Mechanics seem to work well such as shuttles arriving for away teams that are running low on oxygen. There are many additional examples of good game design.
The bad: Perhaps fuel extraction and usage could be tweeked a bit so that the entire experience isn't about mining for energy crystals.
The ugly: Please find a solution for abandoned player-owned craft. I spent alot of time and resources building a craft and had to leave the sector to find additional resources. Only to find, when returning, a generic pirate craft, player owned with a plethora of crew, instead of the craft I had constructed. I no longer have the craft that I had built and now have many more lives that I have to support. It is not worth the benefit of having the pirate turret, shield and scanner combo because there is no room to install gardens. This is very close to being game-breaking for me, but I can always load a saved game and just move on.
Anyways, overall a great game that is very engaging.

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  Destillery ?
Posted by: Ailab - 09-19-2020, 10:14 AM - Replies (2)

Distillery! The crew want to drink alcohol in the dark space to neutralize all the negative effects for a while (e.g. for 1-2 hours). But if they drinked too much, they would be more aggressive (while they are under alcoholic influence)... Big Grin
What do you think about it?

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Photo Nuclear tug, just for inspiration.
Posted by: Captain G. - 09-16-2020, 03:25 PM - Replies (1)

idk, maybe this tug will inspire devs for something.

[Image: 9qzczC5.jpg]
[Image: DLsyw2f.jpg]
[Image: SKixcoJ.jpg]
[Image: nbQb6YK.jpg]
[Image: GJo1tiX.jpg]


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Star I suggest improving the game
Posted by: Koit - 09-09-2020, 12:49 PM - Replies (5)

The game has a good idea, but after an interesting start, when 6 guns are installed, there is nothing more to do.
The line card turns the game into an arcade, which is an obvious miscalculation by the developers.
The lack of a well-developed AI and the lack of storylines from dialogues with factions makes the communication device unnecessary, you can trade without it, and all the dialogues are monotonous and give nothing in the end according to the plot of the game.
The radar is also a purely decorative device that essentially does not add anything to the ship, but takes away the points of one weapon, which are clearly more important for the game.
Shield - similarly useless, it is easier to install an additional hull stabilizer or a weapon.
The game is still very raw and unfinished, so far it all comes down to building a ship - a vacuum cleaner of resources that will fly on an almost linear map collecting everything in a row, which upon reaching a level of 10 team members with 6 guns becomes a purely repetition of the same actions ...
What would be wiser to do:

A flat map of squares or hexagons with transitions to any neighboring polygon in any direction, and not to restrict the movement of AI ships to unsystematic wandering along the same polygons, but to lay out some routes for them on quests.
It makes sense to make the map a "sandbox" living autonomously from the player, where the AI constantly does something on its own, and the player only connects to the action where he can or wants, or is drawn into events by the course of the game.
You can not even make a map of the galaxy, but make a map of one but large planetary system, where you can either fly on ordinary engines on the cutter or jump several polygons, depending on the ratio of the ship's mass and the number of hull stabilizers.
Also, the goal of the game can not be set, how easy it is to fly the map from point A to point B, which can now be easily done with 2-3 systems and without interacting with intermediate systems between the extreme points of the line map, simply flying them in a row.

All the same, it is necessary to diversify the plot, change the map of the world and locations.

The ships
Make the ships moveable on the area map, and make the battles of the ships dynamic, not static.
To abandon the battle system for the total strength of the ship and replace it with a battle to destroy the blocks installed on the ship.
This will immediately give an interest in different models of building hulls, the use of armor, the placement of equipment in various ways, will give the development of the ship's design from the practical protection of blocks under fire.
HP of the ship and the ship death function, disable, the ship remains the ship as long as there are surviving blocks, add a damaged reactor explosion mode, and engines that will destroy the hull blocks around.
Refuse the status of the ship "abandoned", so that it could be assigned to any ship whose crew on board surrendered or is absent.
The only thing is to make the dismantling mode inaccessible by working capsules while there is an alien crew on the ship.
It makes sense to make the "hull stabilizer" a hyperjunction unit, which is limited by the mass of the hull translated into hyperspace, and leave the simple engine as a shunting engine in ordinary space, and completely abandon the "points" of the ship's equipment.

It still makes sense to abandon the stationary arrangement of ships in locations and battle ships according to the general HP, replacing the battle on the blocks of the hulls of mobile ships.

Capsules and shuttles.
Make capsules and shuttles randomized according to the installed equipment according to the slot system, for example, make equipment slots so that the capsule could be combat, transport, or mining as well as a shuttle.
Leave the capsules only for flights in space.
The shuttles will be able to land on planets and take off on additional single-use boosters.
In battle, capsules and shuttles are calculated according to the total HP as the damage of ships is now calculated.

Make stations and settlements on planets, add the ability to visit stations of other factions where you could hire a crew, trade, fight and receive quests.
Open construction on asteroids, even if it is difficult to give the player simultaneous control over several objects in different polygons of the map, then at least give the program a calculation of actions on these polygons in the absence of the player.
Make it possible to build mines, where the extraction of resources will be infinite but time-dependent control over the operation of the mine, for example, as implemented in Varzone2100
There is a sense of a war for the control of sectors, or raids on a mine where resources have accumulated, or to protect a mine where resources are accumulated from plunder.
This will solve the problem of emptying the card.

It looks incomprehensible to cancel the player's overload by microcontrolling the crew members at the level "did he have time to poop" and "did he forget to replenish the oxygen supply". What does it do?
Particularly strange is the constant attempts of the AI ​​to take a unit with a minimum supply of oxygen to the farthest corner of the ship from the place of replenishment of this resource, and the team's ignoring of the fire that has arisen on board until the player pokes their muzzle into a source of danger or a refueling point in manual mode.

Personal weapon
Without landing on planets and asteroids, the variety of hand weapons is incomprehensible, in conditions of practical uselessness, nothing but shotguns, since all battles with insectoids take place in point-blank firing mode, and boarding, not only does not make practical sense (it is easier to wait until the crew of a lost ship will die on its own, and this is another reason why this mode should be canceled, any destruction is simply restored by the crew and the ship flies away), they still do not have any special battle tactics, it all comes down to chaotic crowd shooting, which is the same done from shotguns.
Or do boarding in a propelled mode with different characteristics of weapons, and with some sense other than to kill enemies until they die on their own.
or create battles in open areas with cover, where different effective firing ranges would make sense.

Ship weapon
it is good to make different on the principle of "rock-paper-scissors", for example:
Cannons - strike evenly on shields and hull blocks, dividing their damage in half, average aiming and rate of fire.
Lasers - ignore shields, since the beam is not matter, they have good aiming, high rate of fire but low damage. (will be good against shuttle capsules and missiles)
Light rockets - high damage to hull blocks, aiming range from medium to high (if homing is available), but fully repulse with shields (since they explode before reaching the hull while there is a shield) and are hit by lasers with a high probability.
Heavy rockets (torpedoes Or boosters for taking off the shuttle from the planet if installed on the shuttle consoles and fueled with fuel and not with a warhead.) - are piece goods, they are launched either from suspensions on capsules and shuttles or from special mines on the ship, they have a very high impact on blocks, but the impact is strongly absorbed by shields, vulnerable to lasers and a little to guns.
Shields - block explosive and kinetic damage, do not allow boarding while working.

The mechanics of block damage should be done according to the principle of hitting the blocks of the ship's side, it is impossible to pierce the roof or the bottom of the ship, you can only shoot the equipment protruding from the roof if the blow hits this equipment.
These changes will immediately make the game more fluid and interesting.

With the option of landing on planets, you can add a planetary vehicle, a rover, with its own random equipment slots, so that you can make both a transport and a tank with armor in the slots.

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  Character skin/face/skin change ability, not random click.
Posted by: humility925 - 09-05-2020, 05:01 AM - Replies (2)


I would like to had ability of choice character to changed color of skin, look, and maybe choice of skills even rather so we can move on to playing rather than click random too many button and not playing to get what we want for crew.

Thank you.

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Information Industrial Priority
Posted by: Segavi - 08-31-2020, 10:24 AM - Replies (3)

[Excuse my bad English]

I been playing a few weeks and i always found me on troubles when try to get energy bars or water (when that are under 10). I temporaly set the logistic priority to "1" on energy refinery and my crew carry cristals to the facility but the crew that has max priority on "industrial" try to do other things before create energy rods (like recicle or refine metal). I always cancel every industrial work and wait to reactivate them. That situation would be inneeded if we have another priority on facility setup called "industrial Priority" (just on the facility UI), to adjust what are the work that we want first and what aren`t really vital.
I been reading what you think.

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