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  Experience and feedback
Posted by: t_rex112 - 11-16-2020, 10:34 PM - Replies (2)

Hi all
 First thank you Bugbyte devs for making the game, Ive been following this game for quite some time and decided to pick up a copy after the release of alpha 10. 
Having played for the last couple weeks, I’m impressed with the depth the game presents when designing your spaceship. However I found microing crew members on away trips very tedious, but maybe I’m just noob, thus I generally avoided any boarding action. However I still had a blast and is optimistic about the potential of this game.

So I played on default medium difficulty with the mining base start, I found the ship you get with the platform start to be harder as you need to be as space/resource efficient as possible at the start, and the starting ship you get is just not. i learnt this the hard way as my previous 2 runs ended in the typical newbie way of running out of ice and power respectively. 

So on my 3rd run, I started off meticulous about the usage of tech/power blocks. Designed my starter ship to be just big enough for the essential structures while small enough so I’m using the least amount of life support facilities. After plundering the mining station bare, with A cargo hold full of resources, and a workable amount of tech/power blocks remaining, I jumped off with high hopes.

I spent the next 100 in game days mining as much raw material as possible while keeping progress on my research, (I focussed on getting the full block production chain first) all the while avoiding combat of any kind, I think I only explored 2-3 derelicts this entire run. 

Then I jumped into the abundant resource system. Admittedly I probably spent over 200 days there mining, trading, building and researching. By the end of it all, I had finished all research, completed my ship and had enough credits and materials to just sit there and do whatever, I’m basically playing creative mode at this point. So I decided to build a second ship that was more focussed on ship to ship combat.

As seen in the screenshot, my main ship is completely solar powered, however I kept 2 x3 generators for backup during high industrial production Hours. I’m not sure what the optimal amount of shields is to have, but I found once I had 2 shield generators, I could comfortably tank the entire duration of micrometeorites without anyone manning the shield console, as well as giving me enough time to escape any hostile ships while tanking shots. But I decided to go with 4 shield gens just to be safe. Also I found the option to set a condition for all facilities to be the most helpful for managing crew logistics, example: I set all my farms to only grow if that particular raw food is below 10 units in my storage, this way the farmers will not be farming unnecessarily and will save you that precious ice(water). I do this with my entire production chain, including the production of energy/fertilizer (I did this with EVERYTHING), this way my somewhat undersized crew hardly ever get overwhelmed with logistics. 

I’m currently half way through building my 2nd ship

As you can see, this ship is fully solar, no back up generators at all. At this point my carbon reserves are kinda low (50 units left) so I’m prepping to traverse to the next abundant resource system. 

So far the game has been well worth the money spent, even in EA stage. I have a lot of suggestions and feedback as I’m playing, mostly about very minor things I’m sure other people have already pointed out. My biggest suggestion would be to make the UI more compact, specially for the crew at the top of the screen. Also if any veteran Uber pro players have any tips and pointers will be much appreciated and welcomed. 

Till next time, stay safe, stay healthy

Damn the screenshot are not showing up for me.... Oh well I cbf. Lol. Edit(changed it links)

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  Copy Settings and Surrender AI
Posted by: Osul - 11-12-2020, 03:11 PM - Replies (3)


I would really enjoy having the ability to copy facility settings, especially for storages.

And the surrender AI for crew members should be improved. My crew was scouting a derelict ship. While fighting some alien bugs one of the crew members surrenderd. You cannot control a surrendering crew member, so she just walked away, hands up, blindly into the undiscovered parts of the ship. She then got eaten by other alien bugs without defending herself.
Either make them just stand still where they surrender, or, better, don't let them surrender to alien bugs. I think surrendering to alien bugs, like the one from the movie "Alien", is just... ridiculous. Wink
Well, thinking about it, maybe both should be implemented. ^^

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  Few suggestions after 24/7 gameplay
Posted by: crutchmaster42 - 11-10-2020, 06:06 PM - No Replies

Quick fixes.
Mass problems.
1.Mass from blackhole. (1 base metals + 1 carbon = 5 steel plates, 1 raw chem = 5 chem,
5 steel plates + 5 chem = 10 rockets. 3 mass =  10 mass.)
2.Water to blackhole. (0.7 water per food => ~0.2 water from toilet, 0.1 from bio matter,
<0.1 from vapor)
Trade system and economic:
1.Fix buying anything for cheap and useless fabrics or chemicals. Added value of production should be not more 20-40%. (Fibers 100 cr -> Fabrics 24-28 cr + worktime 5-10 cr + energy + tech level 2-5 cr)
2.Separate essential (food, medicals, water, fuel, energy) goods and other. Ships can sell own essential goods and die. I did it.
3.Buy/sell price should not be so high. 10-20% - ok. (120 - sell, 80 - buy)
4.Why no one not using solar panels or production buildings?
I saw one suicidal raid by an alien ship. I saved them all, but they lost their ship.

Suggestions. (not hard to implement)

1. More hazard gases and smoke from refinery and fabricators. Production should be harmful.
2. Hazard gases should be hazard and have corrosive action.
3. Gas scrubbers should be less effective
4. Scanner should work on abandoned ship (showing moving enemies at least)
5. Rockets should do more damage to aliens on abandoned ships
6. Space surviving in is not about finding resources. Space has LOT of resources, huge comets from gigatons of water, ferum and carbon for example. Main problem - refine raw resources and hazard waste.
7. Mineral asteroids spawn, and ai mining.
8. Huge asteroids with deep mining and refinery stations.
9. 1 hour in in hyperspace per jump looks nice. 8 hours - better for me. Option - excellent.
10.Science not about only unlock tech tree, but also about production optimization and upgrades. (solar panels, generators power output, energy capacity of energy storage, production speed or automated production, etc) In late game all scientists useless and go to work haulers. Unlock tech tree should be faster, but not effective production output.
11.Ship weapons:
-mass drivers/railgun (high energy cost, high hull penetrate chance, low damage, ammo from steel plates)
-lasers (high accuracy, high energy cost and heat production, ignore hull and shields heats internals of enemy ship, causes fire)
-EMP beam (high accuracy, high energy cost, medium heat, high damage to shields, drain power from target power sources, disables buildings)
-proton accelerator (high accuracy, high energy cost, produce oxygen, use water as ammo or hydrogen from electrolyser, normal damage to shields, no damage to hull, hurt personnel inside ship, small damage to internal buildings)
12.Personnel weapons and equipment
-Grenades (HE+frag (explosive reaction releases some co2), Incendiary (with oxidizer, work in vaukum), flash, smoke (smoke gones to hull holes and not work in vacuum))
-Ballistic shields
-Sidearms (Carry shotgun/assault rifle + pistol/smg)
-Melee weapon
-First aid packs (boost energy, stop bleed for time)
13.Boost scanner range. He useless now.
14.Automatic switch on/switch off energium generation (based on stored power level)

Hard to implement suggestions.
1.Nuclear reactors, uranium refine, radiation, radiation sickness from damaged nuclear reactor,
surface nuclear wasting and space radiation. RTG heat/electrical source from radioactive waste
(with ~100 day halflife)
2.Transport rollers.
3.Rimworld-like job scheduler. Guys to much walk around instead work.
4.Options for anything, official mod support. It make game MUCH MORE replayable.
5.Offline AI mining, trade, wars, building ships, etc. Universe should live without player.
Player must be part of universe.
6.Drones. Transport, battle, firefighting, scout modifications. (+drone attack trough hull FTL-like)
7.All equipment (blocks) must have guaranteed lifetime. After end of lifetime it should be repaired
with replace spare parts (block) and get old scrap back. Lifetime depends of intensity of work.
Selling used blocks (full price) it is good deal for any trader of course.
8.Trading overhaul. Now they just jump around and buy everything, that they has not.

sorry for mistakes

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  How to get rid of unwanted crew members?
Posted by: furirkeeper - 11-08-2020, 05:31 PM - Replies (1)

I have now come to the point in game when I don't want more crew members. I have a few crew members I would like to get rid of. Is there such a mechanic or are you planning on adding it?
I have seen various creative solutions on forums, killing, eating, composting, abandoning, hypersleep chambers, walking out the airlock. I would not mind the possibility to just fire a member and leaving him/her on a station somewhere.

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  Drafted -> Unconscious -> Not drafted
Posted by: furirkeeper - 11-08-2020, 05:18 PM - Replies (5)

A suggestion regarding the drafting mechanic.
Right now if a crew member is drafted, becomes unconscious and then wakes up again it becomes not drafted. While this is generally fine while on the ship it is very annoying when exploring a derelict. I would very much prefer if while on a derelict they remained drafted after waking up.

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  Crew management suggestion
Posted by: furirkeeper - 11-08-2020, 05:10 PM - No Replies

Hello, and thanks for a good game.
The basic idea behind crew management is good, there are however two things that make crew management more difficult than it needs to be:
1: The Schedule and Priority tabs works great when total crew is around 8. When having more than 8 crew it becomes cumbersome to get a good overview. I suggest scaling down the the space each crew member occupy in these tabs (the crew management).
2: Right now it is tedious to keep track of and make a good schedule for the crew. I suggest a new crew management tab that for each hour of the day specify the highest crew skill "at work" for each skill represented in the game and possibly also how many of that skill that is "at work". Right now this needs to be done manually by switching back and forth between schedule and priorities. With such an overview it would be easy to see if there is a gap in the schedule where some specific skill is not high enough.
For example a table like this showing the maximum skill per hour:
              00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Botany:   2   2   2   1   1   1   1   1   1   1   3   3   3   3   3   3   2   2   2   2   1   1   1   1
Mining:   1   1   1   1   1   2   2   2   2   2   2   2   2   2   2   1   1   1   1   1   1   1   1   1
There could be different view modes, i.e. max skill, min skill etc. As mentioned it could also be useful to see per hour how many that possess that highest skill per hour.

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