Hull Stabilizer

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Hull Stabilizer
Hull Stabilizer Texture 100x100.png

The Hull Stabilizer is a System Facility that can be built.

In-Game Text

"A Hull Stabilizer reinforces the spaceship's frame, strengthening it and generally improving structural integrity. Multiple Stabilizers can work in unison to bolster the hull far beyond its normal limits. Sufficient hull stability is also needed for hyperspace jump capability."


The Hull Stabilizer provides 50 points of Hull Stability to the ship on which it is installed. It requires power to operate. Manual operation by a crew member is not required.


The Hull Stabilizer can be built from 4x Infra Blocks, 2x Tech Blocks, 2x Energy Blocks, and 40x Building Tools. It occupies 2x available System Points.


The Hull Stabilizer requires a 3x3 space, of which 3x3 is solid. It requires a 1x1 passable operator tile along one specific side (presumably for maintenance).